Home News More on Chavez Jr vs. Vera results: Fight night photos & videos

More on Chavez Jr vs. Vera results: Fight night photos & videos

Credit: Ed Mulholland - HBO

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. escaped with a highly controversial decision victory over Bryan Vera on Saturday night. While he was the recipient of three favorable scorecards, including one that had him winning eight rounds of 10 in the fight, it seemed clear to most that Vera had done enough to earn the win.

Right here, we have a collection of Chavez Jr. vs. Vera fight night photos, post-fight videos with the fighters addressing the media during the press conferences, and more. Take a look.

Now, guess which of the above photos were shared by Top Rank, and which came from HBO? The Top Rank photos show only Chavez Jr. landing punches. Of course, Vera landed two times as many shots as Chavez did, and he has the battered face which shows the proof of that. According to Chavez, he also fractured a hand during the fight. Sounds like another excuse in a long line of them.

You gotta feel bad for Vera here, who put up with so much in order to keep this fight from being squashed due to Chavez’s weight issues and lack of professionalism. Then, he seizes the opportunity and really appears to have won the fight, and that gets taken from his as well. Maybe he’ll get a big money rematch out of the deal, or another lucrative fight, but who knows.

Of course, we’re not done with the Chavez Jr vs. Vera results yet, and will be coming back with more updates over the next few days, including rankings and more analysis.