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Mosley vs. Mundine now cancelled as Shane Mosley withdraws due to contract issues


Scheduled to face Anthony Mundine at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in Australia on October 23, Sugar Shane Mosley will instead be going home after a breach of contract by the event’s co-promoter, Millennium Events, prompting his withdrawal from the fight.

“I’m very disappointed with this turn of events because I was planning on making a big statement by beating Mundine, but I was left with no choice but to withdraw,” said Shane Mosley. “The fans in Australia have welcomed me with open arms, and I hope to return to fight for them one day in better circumstances.”

“It’s unfortunate that this fight will not be taking place, and we apologize to all of Shane’s Australian fans, but there are contracts in place for a reason, and when the terms are not adhered to, we have no choice but to protect our fighter, and that’s what happened here,” said Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions.

According to various rumors and reports, it appears that Mosley did not receive his advance payment on time. And with the event generating little interest, Mosley and his team felt that he perhaps wouldn’t be receiving any payments, or what the contract stipulated. It’s always sad to see an event going this way, but as we’ve already stated, it’s not as if anybody was very interested in seeing the fight to begin with.

We’ll keep you posted with any more updates or details we have on the cancellation of Mosley vs. Mundine.