Home News New boxing phone app for keeping & comparing scorecards

New boxing phone app for keeping & comparing scorecards

The MadHatters Audience Scorecard for Boxing App is ready just in time for the biggest fight in boxing history. The MadHatter Audience Scorecard App allows you to be the judge.

The App teaches the novice fight fan how to score fights with very easy instructions. In addition the App is easy to use with its touch interface screen, perfect for watching live events with a crowd or at home by yourself. Never use pen and paper to score a fight again.

  • Learn to score fights with easy instructions.
  • Customize your fighter’s pictures and colors.
  • Keep a record of all the fights you have scored and allows you to compare with professional judges, friends and other boxing fans.
  • Share your scores on social media (Facebook and Twitter).
  • Easy and fun to use!

For just .99 cents, you can download the App for your iPhone in the App Store and for your Android phone it’s available in the Google Play store. When using this App it proves our company motto “The Greatest Judge of all Time…You!”

Download the App Here.