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New management team for Emanuel Taylor

Credit: Stephanie Trapp / Showtime

D and D Management along with Mark Cipparone’s Club 1957 Management is pleased to announce a joint venture for which the two companies will now co-manage Jr. Welterweight contender Emanuel Taylor.

Taylor (18-4, 12 KO’s) of Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland has established himself as one of the top rated contenders in the Jr. Welterweight division and has been in several exciting fights against world champions Chris Algieri & Adrien Broner as well as undefeated Enrique Orozco. Those fights have made Taylor a television network staple.

“I would like to say that I’m excited to have the opportunity to establish a joint venture with Mark Cipparrone” said David Price of D and D management. “I have always had a lot of respect for him and I thought D and D and 1957 could complement instead of constantly compete with one another.”

“When we originally signed Emanuel Taylor he had already been signed with a local manager and we collectively functioned as Co- Managers. Emanuel no longer wanted his home based manager involved and Doc and I thought it would be a great opportunity to work with someone else that we felt had a high level of what we call V.I.S.A ( Vision, Integrity, Structure, Accountability).”

“We currently only have Emanuel together and all of our separate stables remain just that. We However hope that this is the beginning of a great working relationship that we could expand for years to come”

Said D and D Management’s Doc Nowicki,”I am excited that we were able to bring Mark Cipparone from Club 1957 Management to be involved with us with Emnauel Taylor. With boxing being very difficult to move fighters along, we thought it would be a perfect match. We have done good things with our fighters. Mark has done good things with his fighters. We feel great about collaborating with Manny and hopefully we can do some other things in future.”

“We have some great expectations going forward for Manny. We feel he has the talent to become a world champion as he has established himself as a favorite of the premium networks.”

‘Thee years ago I decided to dive head first into the business of managing boxers. I have given my all from day one and want nothing more than helping develop a world champion. When I received the call from Dave Price to partner with D and D to manage Manny Taylor it was without hesitation that I said yes. Believe it or not even before that call I had the same idea to join forces with D and D. Both Doc and Dave have been doing a great job with their fighters and it is easy to see that they are hard working, ethical business men. I am looking forward to see what our combined resources and talents can produce. I am not one to partner …just because. Yes the old adage 2 heads are better than one may apply, but I believe that we have complementing skills and although we may have had some underlying competitiveness in the past we genuinely like each other,” said Mark Cipparone of Club 1957 Management.”

“Manny is an extremely talented boxer and we all are committed to making a difference in his career. I am personally looking forward to working with him as part of this team and believe that he will have a special opportunity to reach his goals.”