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New Pacquiao Mosley Video Shows Mosley Asking for Bout to Be Stopped


The Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley bout took place almost a month ago, however there is an intriguing pieces of news that is just coming out now. In this special Fight Camp 360 sneak peek video, towards the end of the bout you can see a battered Mosley sitting in his corner telling trainer Naazim Richardson that the bout has to be stopped, and that he can’t move. Richardson gives his charge some encouragement and sends him back out there, but in the corner, Mosley looks absolutely toast. That’s no secret to anyone after watching the fight, but it is quite the revelation that Mosley wanted out, and if he had it his way during the contest, the fight would have been stopped early.

This Pacquiao Mosley video has been released as a special early look at the final episode of Fight Camp 360, which is going to air on Showtime this weekend. This is a rare and interesting opportunity, because these shows never follow up on how the fight turned out, and the aftermath of it all. So this is a great chance to see the highlights of the Pacquiao Mosley bout once again, see shocking new footage of Mosley asking for the fight to be stopped, and much more.

Enjoy the video above, and tune into Fight Camp 360 to see more Pacquiao vs. Mosley aftermath and followup this weekend before the Froch vs. Johnson telecast begins later in the evening.