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New Radio Show Canceled… but Not Because of Lou DiBella

Uncensored and Outspoken Boxing Promoter Lou DiBella Not The Guest to Get John Tabacco Axed From His AM 970 Radio Show “Family Business” Due to Profanity:

When financial technology entrepreneur and television personality, John Tabacco launched his new radio show, “Family Business with John Tabacco” on 970 AM at 10 PM on Sunday, he never expected to be pulled off the air after two shows. The premiere show featured special guests from VH1’s new reality show, “Mob Wives” and New York City’s outspoken boxing promoter, Lou DiBella.

The usually candid and uncensored DiBella kept the profanity out of his on-air interview, predicting that the Berto vs. Ortiz fight would be, “one of the best boxing matches of the year.”  The interview focused on what turned out to be an incredible action-packed fight without an F-bomb expressed from the mouth of DiBella.

The interview that followed DiBella, a profanity-filled call from Vh1’s “Mob Wives” star Drita D’avanzo got John Tabacco’s show promptly cancelled after only two shows.

“Week one I have on notorious F-bombing twitter bad boy boxing promoter Lou Dibella and no problems,” said Tabacco. “Then thanks to the Mob Wives, the suits at The Apple tell me, ‘Your choice of guests are unacceptable, your programming is unacceptable” talk about a WTF moment.”

D’avanzo’s F-bombs came so rapidly on the show that the producers weren’t able to erase them during the live broadcast. Although Tabacco attempted to stop D’avanzo from swearing, she replied, “If someone asks you how you feel, you answer the [bleeping] question.”

970 AM programming director Peter Thiele has since wrote a letter to Tabacco informing him that his last show, which he co-hosts with his brother, Derek (owner of the FreeTheFan.com), will be May 15.

The show will continue to pre-record until May 15 and air every Sunday evening on AM 970 The Apple from 10 to 11 p.m.  For the complete show archive and more information please visit, http://www.tabaccomedia.com and for updates check www.twitter.com/johnatabacco

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