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Orlando Salido vs. Francisco Vargas conference call quotes

Credit: Chris Farina - Team Salido

As Orlando Salido and Francisco Vargas approach their highly anticipated rumble, they held a call to discuss the bout. Find all the quotes here.

If I can have Orlando Salido say a few words, please.

Orlando Salido: [Speaking Spanish].

Ricardo Jimenez (Interpreting): Yes, I’m happy to have this opportunity working with real hard. I know it’s going to be a real tough fight. I’m looking forward to it to give our fans a great fight. I’ll be really looking to get the upset win here over Vargas.

Eric Gomez: Great. Thank you, Ricardo. Gracious, Orlando. [Speaking Spanish]. Okay, now let me introduce real quick, team Vargas. He’s headed by his manager, Ralph Heredia, who’s done a great job with him for the last year or so.

And Ralph, if you can please say a few words about this fight and about your fighter.

Ralph Heredia: Thank you. Good morning and good afternoon to everybody. I just wanted everybody to know that we’re very excited. We have located camp in California now. Everything is going well. We had three tests and they all came back negative, so we’re very excited about that and we know that this fight is right around the corner.

I believe, not only as a manager, but as a fan, like Eric mentioned is definitely going to be a candidate for fighter of the year. We respect Salido. We know he’s a tough veteran warrior that has the experience and you cannot underestimate his heart. So excited and can’t wait for June 4th.

Eric Gomez: Great. Thank you very much. Thank you for the nice words, Ralph. Now, to his fighter, he’s a member of the 2008 Mexican Olympic Team, Francisco ‘El Bandido’ Vargas has continued to represent his country as a professional. He struck gold in 2015 by winning the WBC Super Featherweight World Title and was considered by most the writers the fight of the year.

He’s a former NABF and WBO International Super Featherweight Champion. And at 31 years old, he’s pretty much on top of the division. His biggest win, again, came last year against Takashi Miura. If I can have him say a few words with a great record of 23-0, 1 draw, 17 knockouts, Francisco ‘El Bandido’ Vargas. Francisco.

Francisco Vargas: [Speaking Spanish].

Ralph Heredia (Interpreting): Good morning and good afternoon to everybody. I’m very excited. I know that June 4th is right around the corner and I know that I’ve done everything to prepare for this veteran, this great ex-champion. And the winners from this fight will be the fans. They’re going to get a very exciting fight.

Eric Gomez: That’s great. Thank you. Thank you very much. Gracias, Francisco. Okay, so now, Ellen, let’s open it up to questions.

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Our first question is from Dan Rafael with ESPN.

Dan Rafael: Thank you very much. Hello, everybody. Eric, could you ask Francisco when he won the title against Miura in what was the 2015 fight of the year for most people, he comes back and he takes on a fight that most people are going to think is going to be another knockdown, drag out, kind of brawl. I want to know from Francisco, why this fight in his first defense and does he expect the same kind of fight, also, Eric, that many of us expect?

Eric Gomez: Okay. Okay, I’ll ask him the question, then Ralph, you can translate. [Speaking Spanish].

Francisco Vargas: [Speaking Spanish].

Ralph Heredia (Interpreting): I had always said I want to fight the best and I consider Salido one of the best. And I believe that both of our styles match very good in the ring and is going to make a very exciting fight and that’s the reason I’m excited. And I want to continue to be the best; in order to be the best, you have to fight the best, and I consider him one of the best. And I know that it definitely could be a candidate for fight of the year.

Dan Rafael: All right, Eric, could you—thank you for that, Ralph—could you also ask Francisco, obviously we’ve heard and written about what happened with his drug test from Mexico, can he address that and talk about when he came back to California? I think you said in the introduction that since his return to California, where he’s been tested by VADA three times, is that correct? And how much of a distraction has that been having the additional testing since what happened occurred?

Eric Gomez: I think it might’ve been more by now; it might’ve been four or five times by now. Ralph can answer that as far as the testing. But let me ask him. [Speaking Spanish].

Francisco Vargas: [Speaking Spanish].

Ralph Heredia (Interpreting): First of all, I have always been a clean fighter. I’m going to continue to be a clean fighter.

Ralph Heredia: We’re the ones that requested the testing and here are some facts, Dan Rafael. Francisco Vargas was tested in California on April 15th, no, I’m sorry, before that. Yes, I’m sorry, he was tested on April 15th in California. Tests came back negative. He goes to Mexico City on April 16th.

His mom makes one of his favorite dishes, which is carne asada with bone and it’s made in broth. He has dinner on Wednesday and there’s leftovers and he eats them Thursday. Thursday evening, VADA knocks on his door; he gets tested. Okay, and that was on the, I believe it was on the 21st—five days later. That test came back positive for clenbuterol. But here’s the thing. I want you to focus on this, Dan Rafael, on the doses, as far as how much he tested it, because I did my own research with Victor Conte, that I believe is one of [indiscernible] and I just wanted to get his input.

He tested back for clenbuterol 1.3. What does that translate? I was not educated to know. He told me that most laboratories do not even test for anything under 0.20. He was very surprised that VADA picked up 1.3. When I had a conversation with Victor I asked him, “If you have a dirty athlete, within that grace period, what should he test?” He says, “Ralph, any individual that tries to do something deliberate, once he will test 50, 5, 0.” So he replied and he said that basically the dosage that Francisco showed had to be some contaminated food, which was the meat.

Since then, Dan Rafael, Francisco was tested in Mexico three times right after that. All three times it came back negative for clenbuterol. Since then he has been tested in California two more times, okay, and those tests we’re still waiting for the results because he was tested Sunday morning and Monday afternoon. But rest assured, if he was dirty and doing something deliberate, not only would’ve the doses been much higher, but he would’ve tested positive on the first test when he was in California, which was the 15th.

Also, something that Francisco mentioned, and I was in the same boat as he was, I used to hear these stories; never believed it. Never. But like Francisco said, you don’t believe it til it happens to you. And believe me when I tell you, these are facts. I’m glad that it happened because I believe this is not only going to help Francisco, but it’s going to help a lot of athletes that are clean. And hopefully the technology will be there or that it can distinguish when somebody does something deliberate—

Dan Rafael: So, Ralph, part of the question that I had for him, I’m not sure if there was an answer there, was just—and by the way, I happen to believe what you guys say. Most of the time I’m thinking a guy that gets tested positive is dirty. In this particular instance because of the many, many factors, I happen to believe you guys. So my question to you is how much of a distraction has it been, both going through that situation, having it come out, going to deal with the Commission to get special permission to still have this fight still not get taken down, and then to have to undergo additional testing than you would normally have to go? Has it been a distraction? Can you ask Francisco to answer that?

Ralph Heredia: You know what, I’m sorry, Dan. He did answer that when Eric asked him the question. He said, “No.” He said, “He is willing to do to anything, any test. You can test me every hour on the hour. It doesn’t bother me. Why? Because I’m clean and I have nothing to hide.” So to answer your question, there has been no distraction because he knows that he’s clean and he wants the opponent to be clean, also. He wants a clean sport. That’s why we’re doing this.

Dan Rafael: All right. That’s great. Thank you very much for that, guys. I have a couple of questions for Orlando.

Ricardo, if you’re translating, I’d appreciate that. My question, one question for Orlando is he has had three fights and he’s had a whole bunch of significant, very action-packed, hard, tough fights, but in specific he’s coming off three in a row against the Thailand fighter with multiple knockdowns and then the two wars with Rocky Martinez. I’m wondering from Orlando, here he goes again, another fight that most people expect to be that kind of fight. What is it about Orlando Salido that keeps putting him in these unbelievable fights and how excited or concerned is he that this is going to be another one of these kinds of wars?

Ricardo Jimenez: [Speaking Spanish].

Orlando Salido: [Speaking Spanish].

Ricardo Jimenez (Interpreting): He says, no, I’ve never been a protected fighter. I have to take the fights that are offered to me, but it’s very exciting to me. I like those kinds of fights. I love going in there and fighting those kinds of fights. It’s what I like to do. And yeah, I’m very excited about this type of fight because I think it’ll be just like the other ones.

Dan Rafael: Ricardo, I think about this fight on paper, I think about Coralis Costello, I can’t help it. Does he have any opinion about that? Does he think—?

Ricardo Jimenez: [Speaking Spanish].

Orlando Salido: [Speaking Spanish].

Ricardo Jimenez (Interpreting): I think so. I think if you go in there it might be even better. It think our styles are made perfect for each other. I think we’re going to go in there from minute one and just start throwing punches. There’s not going to be any speculation out there. There’s going to be a lot of entertainment for the fans.

Dan Rafael: And just one other question for him, can you ask him if he heard what Francisco Vargas and Ralph were saying as related to the positive clenbuterol test? What is his opinion about that and does he think that his opponent is a dirty fighter or does he believe the situation that they claim that it’s a contaminated meat, that the dosage that was found was extremely low? What’s his perspective on the guy that’s got to get in the ring and fight the guy that had a bad test?

Ricardo Jimenez: [Speaking Spanish].

Orlando Salido: [Speaking Spanish].

Ricardo Jimenez (Interpreting): You know, it’s not really my concern. That’s why we have a Commission. That’s why we test them, what they do, what they need to do. All I know is getting ready for the fight, tell me the fight is on, then I’m getting ready, and I’m going to fight him. You know, it doesn’t matter to me. That’s why we have a Commission that takes care of this.

Dan Rafael: All right. Great. Thank you very much, everybody. I appreciate your time. And I look forward to seeing you guys in a couple of weeks. Thank you.

Operator: The next question is from Lance Pugmire with Los Angeles Times.

Lance Pugmire: Okay, Orlando, just following up on that real quick. I know what you’re saying that there’s Commission in place to deal with this, but you had your own issue in the past and you paid a pretty serious penalty for that. Do you think that justice has truly been served here given that in baseball, in the NFL, in the Olympics, a positive test like this would result in a very lengthy suspension for the athlete?

Ricardo Jimenez: [Speaking Spanish].

Orlando Salido: [Speaking Spanish].

Ricardo Jimenez (Interpreting): You know, the only thing I have to say, or anymore that I have to say about this is if it would’ve been me that it would’ve come up positive, you know, the fight would’ve been cancelled and it would’ve been all over. It would’ve been done. It would’ve been done with. You know? Is that justice, I don’t know. I’m just telling you that that’s all I got to say about that.

Orlando Salido: [Speaking Spanish].

Ricardo Jimenez (Interpreting): They would’ve never have given me an opportunity to prove otherwise.

Lance Pugmire: Right. Francisco, from your standpoint, what do you think sports fans’ view of this is? Obviously in the other sport, it can result in a very lengthy suspension. Do you think the fans look at this like, that’s just boxing or do you think—what exactly is your opinion of how this positive test was treated in this sport?

Ralph Heredia: [Speaking Spanish].

Francisco Vargas: [Speaking Spanish].

Ralph Heredia: Let’s look at some facts here, Lance. Facts. First of all, he tested positive for clenbuterol. Okay? And for those individuals who don’t know clenbuterol, look into it, clenbuterol was a drug that was used back in the days for body builders to lose weight. This gentleman did not have to lose weight. Unfortunately in Mexico they use that for cattle. Why? I don’t know. I don’t know if you have read, but last year they tested 200 slaughter houses, 58 were tested positive.

Also let’s look at some facts here. The doses were very low of clenbuterol. I believe the other gentleman that got fined was tested positive for testosterone and they can distinguish synthetic testosterone or real testosterone. What does that mean? If your body produces natural testosterone, it doesn’t matter how high it is. Now they have the technology where they can distinguish with synthetics.

Francisco did not test positive for testosterone; that’s why the fight is still continuing and that’s why we’re still here. Now if it would’ve been testosterone like Nebido, which that other gentleman tested positive for, the fight would’ve definitely been cancelled. You’re comparing apples to oranges, okay. Testosterone and clenbuterol are two different things, my man. So just because some writers happen to put steroids, it is not a steroid. It’s to lose weight.

This gentleman, I don’t know if you know this or not, but he weighed 140, 30 days out, okay. He don’t have a weight problem and if you’re going to use that, you’re going to use that as the fight gets closer. What does that mean? Seven to ten days prior to the fight, not six or seven weeks to the fight, okay. So facts are facts. Clenbuterol is not a testosterone. The dosage was 1.3, okay. The other gentleman, Nebido. Look it up. It’s testosterone. It’s a steroid. Simple as that and is a fact.

Lance Pugmire: Yes, I understand that, Ralph, but there’s also the contention out there that clenbuterol can be used for weight cutting measures early in camp if a fighter is experiencing any kind of weight issues. And additionally—

Ralph Heredia: One point three?

Lance Pugmire: We know. Listen, there’s also examples of micro dosing that are used in performance enhancing drug use. So both of those issues, obviously the California Commission said it’s probably okay to proceed with the fight, but both of those issues could also be a play if you’re going to be completely skeptical of this test.

Ralph Heredia: Well listen, I’m not going to argue with you. I’m not going to argue with you on that.

Sean Gibbons: They used this in race horses in Mexico. It’s used to open up the breathing and have more strength for your conditioning, not just for cutting weight. It absolutely does give you a benefit if he was using them; we’re not saying that he was, maybe it was tainted meat, maybe someone Ralph didn’t even know someone and gave him a supplement, someone gave him something.

So if this happened 7-10 days out from the fight, we would have serious issues about going forward with the fight, but thank god it happened when it happened. So now we feel it was caught far enough out by VADA that we feel we’re going to go with their reasoning and their mistake; same issues we had years and years ago, but we didn’t get the benefit that he’s getting because of the different tests and stuff. But it definitely is used as a performance enhancing if they’ve used it in horses here, for the breathing, for the opening up of lungs; it definitely helps you.

So it’s not something to tread lightly like he just happened to be

. It’s a very serious thing. We’re not taking it lightly, but we feel it was caught far enough out that whatever way it got into his system that it won’t enhance his performance now. So that’s all we want to say, but we’re taking it very seriously. We’re not taking this lightly.

And we appreciate Ralph studying and Ralph going into it. Because like Ralph, I did this in 1997 with Guerrero. I called all the doctors, I called the people, I presented the case in Nevada; $25,000 later, you’re a steroid user, you used nandrolone. Nandrolone’s a naturally producing in your body already. Our levels were elevated a bit. We passed another test two days later, but Nevada wanted to hear nothing about it. So we understand exactly what Ralph’s saying because we made this same speech to people, but nobody would listen to us back in the day. We’re branded as steroid users. So that’s it. But it’s very serious. I’m glad VADA—it happened when it happened.

Ralph Heredia: We’re good. We’re good. Sean, I’d like to talk to you outside the conference call, but just remember the dosages. This is a conference call and I don’t want to take too much time from the media, but I respect you, Sean, and I’d like to talk to you—

Sean Gibbons: We don’t want to waste any more time on this. We’re here to fight. Orlando’s here to fight. He’s not worried about no clenbuterol, whatever. He’s just here to fight. We’ll move past this and let’s just go have a great fight. We’re past this now.

Ralph Heredia: Thank you, Sean.

Sean Gibbons: You got it.

Operator: The next question is from Bernard Fernandez with SureDie.com.

Bernard Fernandez: Yeah. Well I’m going to take a break from the drug thing. Obviously Francisco won fighter of the year for the Miura fight last year from several media organizations, including the Boxing Writers Association of America. The dinner, the BW dinner will be in New York on June 24th. Does he anticipate going there and how much does it mean for him to get that recognition?

Ralph Heredia: Excuse me, did you say the dinner was June 24th?

Bernard Fernandez: That’s correct.

Ralph Heredia: Okay. [Speaking Spanish].

Francisco Vargas: [Speaking Spanish].

Ralph Heredia (Interpreting): You know I’m honored and excited, and they finally got to see and recognize my hard work, and of course if I’m in invited, I’m definitely going to be there, without a doubt.

Bernard Fernandez: Okay, and I’m looking at the list of past winners or the past participants and fighters of the year, it’s heavily dotted with Mexican fighters, Marco Antonio Barrera, and Mexican-American fighters, Erik Morales, Jose Luis Castillo, Rafael Marquez, Manuel Marquez. Yes, what is it about—there’s a great pride factor with Mexican fighters. And I’ll ask both fighters here, what is it that makes Mexican fighters almost like a special breed that they’re all considered to be such great warriors?

Ralph Heredia: [Speaking Spanish].

Francisco Vargas: [Speaking Spanish].

Ralph Heredia (Interpreting): Well the reason for that is because we give it all we got. Not only do we give everything in training, but when it’s fight time, we fight with our heart, we give it everything that we have, and I believe that that will make the Latinos, and especially the Mexican fighters, special that they give it all, whether you’re going to die or not, you give it all you got. The only thing that matters is win, win, win because you want to win and no cost, and you don’t hold nothing back, and I believe that’s what makes us the warriors that we are and the champions because we don’t settle for nothing less but give it all we got.

Bernard Fernandez: All right. Thank you.

Ricardo Jimenez: Orlando [Speaking Spanish]. Orlando? Orlando?

Orlando Salido: [Speaking Spanish].

Ricardo Jimenez (Interpreting): You know, we is warriors. We go in there and give it our all, fight with our

with all our might, and you know what happens, win or lose, you know, you’re going, we just give it our all. We’re just going to give it everything we have each and every time we get into the ring.

Bernard Fernandez: Thank you, also.

Operator: The next question is from Mitch Abramson with RingTV.com.

Mitch Abramson: Thanks. My question is for Sean. Hey, Sean, are you there?

Sean Gibbons: Yeah, I’m here.

Mitch Abramson: Sean, was there any thought about pulling out of this fight once you became aware of the positive drug test for Francisco?

Sean Gibbons: No, I mean, first of all I ran it all by Orlando, Orlando’s fighting, I’m not; I’m not the guy getting hit in the head. So no, we felt that, again, like I said earlier, it all came up far enough out that if it was something going on, you know, it’ll be out of his system. It won’t give Vargas any more stuff like it would the week of the fight or something. If you come across something the week of the fight, and something was being used, that could’ve caused a big problem, but everything happened far enough out that Orlando wanted to go through with the fight.

I left it all up to Orlando, he’s the one putting his life on the line, he’s the one that gets in the ring, he’s the one taking the punches, so he feels comfortable with where everything was at.

Mitch Abramson: Were you guys given any kind of compensation from the Vargas camp to go ahead with the bout?

Ricardo Jimenez: Repeat the question, please.

Mitch Abramson: Did you guys work out any kind of deal regarding compensation on going ahead with the bout, not pulling out?

Eric Gomez: No not at all. No, Mitch, not at all. Everything’s fine. We have a contract. We discussed it like gentlemen, and Sean and his team were good, our team was good, so we’re good. Everything’s been good, and there’s a great explanation for it and everything’s fine now.

Mitch Abramson: Okay, thanks, Eric. And then I have a question for Francisco, just that if he was aware of the problem with meat in Mexico before he had his mom’s stew, and if that thought had crossed his mind before he began to eat the meat there? Can you just ask him if he was aware of that issue with the contaminated meat in Mexico beforehand?

Ralph Heredia: [Speaking Spanish].

Francisco Vargas: [Speaking Spanish].

Ralph Heredia (Interpreting): He said, well, l first of all, why the hell would I eat the meat if I had knowledge it was contaminated. I challenge everybody that’s listening to this conference call to eat some meat that’s contaminated and test the next day, see what the doses will be, and he guarantee you, you will test positive for clenbuterol. But of course I didn’t know, I would’ve never ate that if I would’ve known. Never.

Mitch Abramson: No, the question was whether he was aware of the problem in Mexico regarding contaminated meat, and if he was aware of the problem, why he chose to eat his mother’s stew if he was aware of the problem. That was my question.

Ralph Heredia: [Speaking Spanish].

Francisco Vargas: [Speaking Spanish].

Ralph Heredia (Interpreting): He said, I have heard of it through the news but I never believed it. I thought that they were lying and they were dirty, but once it happened to me, now I believe it.

Mitch Abramson: And there’s one last question for Francisco, is he afraid that this might follow him for the rest of his career or did he think it’s just a one-off and that after this situation, he’ll be able to move on without having to deal with people whispering that he’s not a clean fighter?

Ralph Heredia: [Speaking Spanish].

Francisco Vargas: [Speaking Spanish].

Ralph Heredia (Interpreting): No I’m not worried or concerned because I had always been a clean fighter. I had always been tested, came out clean, and I continue to be tested, and I’m still coming out clean, so no. Once I found out what the problem was, my diet consists of nothing but fish, soup, and vegetables, and that proves that it was the meat. So no, it does not worry me at all. I’m a clean fighter.

Mitch Abramson: Okay, thanks for that. Good luck in the fight.

Operator: The next question is from Rigo Cervantez with ESPN Digital.

Rigo Cervantez: Hello. [Speaking Spanish].

Ricardo Jimenez: The question is with all the experience that you had fighting all those great fighters all of your career, do you think that’s going to be a fact that you’ve experienced a new level of opponent?

Ricardo Jimenez: [Speaking Spanish].

Orlando Salido: [Speaking Spanish].

Ricardo Jimenez (Interpreting): No I don’t know if it’ll be an advantage or not, my experience or not, I’m just getting ready for the fight. The advantage will be the preparation to getting ready. I know I’ve got a very tough fight in front of me, I know I’m fighting the guy that’s going to come to fight me at every moment, and I think the fans are going to be the winners here because it will be a great fight.

Operator: The next question is from Jake Donovan with BoxingScene.com.

Jake Donovan: Yeah, my first question is for Francisco. He kind of touched on this earlier where he has changed his diet for this fight. I just want to know if he’s going to permanently change his diet moving forward because he said it was his favorite meal and that’s what led to the positive drug test. But what happens if he happens to eat that, then the next day he gets a big fight, and two days later he gets tested by VADA?

M: Okay, excuse me, you kind of broke up. Sorry about that, did you say that—

Jake Donovan: I just want to know if he’s going to change his diet permanently moving forward. Now especially being aware of the contaminated meat [indiscernible] that’s plaguing Mexico. If he’s going to change his diet moving forward?

Ralph Heredia: [Speaking Spanish].

Francisco Vargas: [Speaking Spanish].

Ralph Heredia (Interpreting): He said, basically, absolutely I’m going to change my diet after going through this experience, and I’m going to continue to be a clean fighter. I love the VADA program. I believe that

being the clean fight and I want to continue being tested. But of course I love meat, but if it’s going to result in the positive test, damn right I’m going to change my diet, absolutely. And if you can see once I’ve changed my diet and

Mexico and I’ve changed my diet, you see how I came out clean and that was the only one that came up dirty with the meat, so absolutely, I will not touch meat while I’m in Mexico and I’m clean.

Jake Donovan: Okay, great, thank you very much


Sean Gibbons: Jake, Salido wanted to make sure that’s Mexico City. Signora, [ph] the beef is the best. Signora, get that [indiscernible] no problem. Mexico City—

Ricardo Jimenez: I may have to get some reporters [ph], Sean.

Sean Gibbons: [Indiscernible] from Mexico.

Jake Donovan: Sorry, and then on Eric—okay, Eric, you still on the phone?

Eric Gomez: Yes, I’m here.

Jake Donovan: Hey, Eric, I just wanted to know from your perspective, and I think you’ve handled this situation great, especially during the commission hearing, but from a promotional standpoint, I just want to know how that changed on your end because going in this was like, I can’t miss

of the year, that’s all anyone cared about. Then this drug test came about, and you guys moved past it, but how did you guys change up on the promotional front?

Eric Gomez: Obviously when you have such a great fight like this fight, and most of you guys in the media and most of the fans are calling it, potential fight of the year, you don’t want any bad publicity, you don’t want any hiccups, no speed bumps; unfortunately, it happened. We have experience with this Golden Boy Promotions, myself in particular, because it happened to us when we did the Danny Garcia fight with Erik Morales and he tested positive for the same thing. And it was consistent with what happened to Erik Morales. He was clean, he ended up coming down from the mountain in Mexico City, he ate somewhere in Mexico City, and then that’s when he tested positive. He had been clean before that.

So we had some experience with it, we had done research, and the good thing is that I’m dealing with professionals. Sean Gibbons is a professional and he’s been around, he’s got experience, and he went through the same thing and he knew about it and he did his own research. So when I talk to those—two professionals talking to each other, so he knew what it was all about. That’s the reason why we didn’t lose the fight, that’s the reason why there’s no real damage done. It was a mistake and that’s it, and we’ve got him past it, and I think it’s going to be a terrific fight. Both fighters are going to be at 100%, and you guys are going to be in for a treat. It’s going to be an early 4th of July treat.

Jake Donovan: Well my birthday’s two days before, so I’ll consider it a belated birthday present. Thank you very much, Eric, and best of luck to, everyone, on June 4th.

Eric Gomez: Thank you.

Jake Donovan: All right.

Operator: The next question is from Gayle Falkenthal with Communities Digital.

Gayle Falkenthal: Good morning, gentlemen. This is not a drug testing question, this is a question about the rise of the lower weight classes getting a lot more attention than they have in several years, but there are still a lot of fans, especially in the United States, that are really focused, maybe obsessed, on the heavyweights, big guys. What would both of you, Orlando, and, Francisco, say to them about giving you guys a chance to entertain, and what they can expect from seeing action in the lower weight classes?

Ralph Heredia: I can go first. [Speaking Spanish].

Francisco Vargas: [Speaking Spanish].

Ralph Heredia (Interpreting): First of all thank you for asking a question related to boxing and not drugs because I’m a clean fighter. And to the question, I’m very, very excited; very excited. Why? Because know we’re [indiscernible] getting the attention. And we are very exciting fighters, not only do we throw more combinations, we interchange, and we just give it all we got, and I’m very honored that we’re getting the attention. And I believe that our weight class, and the lower weight classes, are very entertaining, and now the individuals and people in the United States are starting to realize it, so it makes me excited and happy and to give the fans more entertaining fights.

Gayle Falkenthal: Very good.

Ricardo Jimenez: [Speaking Spanish].

Orlando Salido: [Speaking Spanish].

Ricardo Jimenez (Interpreting): I think when you see the lower weights, you see guys movement, you see a lot of movement, you see a lot of punches; it is the more entertaining fight because that’s the way we fight, that’s the way we have to fight, and I think that gives the fans something more enjoyable to watch, and I think this lower divisions give you that, the entertainment value.

Gayle Falkenthal: Well I find the big guys slow, so I agree with you. I do have a follow-up question, unrelated. We have an Olympian among you, and there’s been a lot of discussion about allowing professionals back into the Olympics in boxing. What do you think about that, and if it was ever done, would you consider it?

Ralph Heredia: [Speaking Spanish].

Francisco Vargas: [Speaking Spanish].

Ralph Heredia (Interpreting): In my opinion I don’t think that’s a good idea. As you know I went to the Olympics in 2008, and to be honest with you I can’t see myself after fighting for a title for 12 rounds to becoming the world champion, I can’t see myself going back and fighting 3 rounds, and I just don’t think it’s right. I think we should give the amateurs the chance to compete, and I just don’t think it’s fair for a professional to compete with the kids that are coming up. And in my opinion I wouldn’t do it, I’ve been there, and I wouldn’t do it. I just don’t think it’s right for [indiscernible] trying to do what they’re doing as far as having professionals compete with amateurs. How are you going to have grown man compete with kids? It’s not fair in my opinion.

Gayle Falkenthal: Thank you. Good luck to both of you.

Ricardo Jimenez: [Speaking Spanish].

Orlando Salido: [Speaking Spanish].

Ricardo Jimenez (Interpreting): I think that you’re mixing different things together because allowing professionals and amateurs, and if you want a proof of that, look what happened to Lomachenko, the best amateur fighter when he fought me, a professional; it was a win for me. So I think that proves right there that it shouldn’t be mixed.

Operator: The next question is from Victor Garcia with RealCombatMedia.com.

Victor Garcia: [Speaking Spanish] Good afternoon. My first question is for Francisco. You fought an incredible and exciting fight with Miura back in November, but you also take a lot of punishment. Orlando is a strong and experienced come forward fighter who is also a two-time world champion, a former world champion. Do you plan on fighting the same way you fought Miura or are you coming in with a different game plan, perhaps maybe fighting him at a distance, boxing him a little bit more?

Ralph Heredia: [Speaking Spanish].

Francisco Vargas: [Speaking Spanish].

Ralph Heredia (Interpreting): First of all I’m honored to fight a great Mexico Warrior, like Orlando Salido. I respect him. I know he’s a hell of a fighter, and he’s going to bring it all, and I will be ready. And first of all, as far as how I’m going to fight, and what’s down, you’ll find out the night when I fight the night. You’ll see what kind of stuff. I’m not going to say nothing until that night, and you’ll see. You can know what kind of style I’m fighting that night.

Victor Garcia: Thank you. Next question is for Orlando. You’re coming off a draw with Martinez and in which a lot of people had you winning the fight. Knowing Vargas is the champion of the world, what are you going to do differently to try and secure the victory?

Ricardo Jimenez: [Speaking Spanish].

Orlando Salido: [Speaking Spanish].

Ricardo Jimenez (Interpreting): I know you have to be well prepared to fight; you have to be well prepared and that’s what I’m getting ready for a tough fight. And I’m just going to go in [indiscernible] throw a lot of punches up and down, you know everything it can do, and that’s what I’m—I need to pressure him, throw a lot of punches, and then see what happens with that.

Victor Garcia: Do you feel like you need a knockout to secure the victory or you think you can actually win the fight by points?

Ricardo Jimenez: [Speaking Spanish].

Orlando Salido: [Speaking Spanish].

Ricardo Jimenez (Interpreting): You know I’m just going out there throwing punches, win round-by-round. The knockout counts great, if we get it done that way, it would be excellent, but you know I’m just going to do my job then other people have to do theirs. They have to see what I did in the ring and then decide. I’m not going to go in there thinking that I need to get a knockout to win the fight; I’m just going to go in there to do the best that I can and let the results lay where they lay.

Victor Garcia: Okay, thank you. [Speaking Spanish].

Cecilia Zuniga: All right. Thank you, everyone, for joining us on this conference call today. This is Cecilia from Golden Boy. I’m going to introduce the fighters one more time for final comments. Francisco, [Speaking Spanish]. Hello?

Ralph Heredia: I’m sorry.

Cecilia Zuniga: Ralph?

Ralph Heredia: Yes.

Cecilia Zuniga: Ralph?

Ralph Heredia: Yes. [Speaking Spanish].

Cecilia Zuniga: Yes, for Francisco, if he has any final comments he wants to say to the press? We’re still on this call; we’re closing it up.

Ralph Heredia: [Speaking Spanish].

Francisco Vargas: [Speaking Spanish].

Ralph Heredia (Interpreting): Well the only thing I have to say is that on June 4th, there’s going to be a very, very exciting fight. I can’t wait, and I believe that the fans are going to get a very, very entertaining, action-packed fight, and I can’t wait for June 4th.

Cecilia Zuniga: Thank you, Francisco. Orlando, [Speaking Spanish].

Ricardo Jimenez: [Speaking Spanish].

Orlando Salido: [Speaking Spanish].

Ricardo Jimenez (Interpreting): I just want to let everyone know that to cancel everything: no weddings, no business, no Quinceanera, no nothing, just go watch this fight. You’re going to enjoy it, we’re going to give you a great, great fight, something you’re going to remember for a long, long time.