Ortiz vs. Berto II Fight Camp 360 Video Previews

In less than two weeks, we’ll all finally get to see the highly anticipated rematch between Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto. Ortiz vs. Berto II will be televised on Showtime, as opposed to the first bout, the 2011 Fight of the Year, which was shown on HBO. Right here, you can watch several different video previews and promos for the fight, brought to you by the behind the scenes Showtime Fight Camp 360 show.

First, check out a special clip from the show entitled Reliving the Round of the Year. This brings you right into the back and forth drama from their crazy first encounter, and you’ll see both men hit the deck in a thrilling round. But the clip is really fun, because you’ll actually see the two fighters watching that round, and chiming in with their thoughts in terms of what they think now, and what they were thinking about at the time it was going down.

The second clip is a preview of the Fight Camp 360 Ortiz vs. Berto II special, which will debut Wednesday, February 1st, at 10 PM.

So enjoy these two Ortiz vs. Berto II video preview clips from Showtime and Fight Camp 360, and remember, fight night is less than two weeks out.

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