Pacquiao-Bradley video analysis: HBO’s commentary produces biased views

A new video has been spreading quickly around YouTube and the boxing blogosphere, and it provides a lengthy video analysis of the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley fight. The purpose of the video is to share the message that the commentary provided by the HBO analysts heavily favored Pacquiao and his work in the fight, and perpetuated the belief that the fight was a blowout for Pacquiao, when in fact, it was not.

Now, this isn’t any sort of new or revolutionary concept. It has been widely discussed for years, and has become increasingly more apparent in the past few years, that the HBO team favors the big name house fighter during most instances.

This video analyzes that a bit, and shows how Bradley’s effective work wasn’t highlighted by the team, while even Pacquiao’s ineffective work and misses were. When you combine one-sided analysis with a crowd that consisted mostly of Pacquiao fans, and you have a combined effect where it seems like Pacquiao was dominating while Bradley’s tactics and punches were being ignored.

Whether or not you agree is up to you, and as mentioned, it’s not a new idea, but nonetheless, it’s a solid analysis of the factors which affect how you view and score a fight besides the actual action in the ring. With all of the controversy surrounding Pacquiao vs. Bradley, the WBO’s review of the fight and more, it’s worth a watch.

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  1. Great video! Someone finally published the truth. Bradley won fair and square even with one foot. Deal with it Pac fans. But I see that once fans have been manipulated, it does not matter how much truth you put in their face as they still think Pac was robbed. Once you watch this video, and realize what HBO is doing,you will see a completely different fight.

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