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Pacquiao vs. Bradley II results & round by round updates

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Live Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley Round by Round Results

On Saturday, April 12th, Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley do battle for the second time. Of course, we all know how the first fight ended – in controversy, and what was nearly unanimously viewed as an unjust victory for “Desert Storm”. Now though, each man has a score to settle – Pacquiao wants justice, and Bradley wants a legitimate win that critics can’t gripe about.

ProBoxing-Fans.com will be providing live Pacquiao vs. Bradley results and round by round coverage of the entire HBO pay-per-view event. That means that right here is your place to be all night long!

Pacquiao vs. Bradley II Scorecard

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Pacquiao vs. Bradley Round by Round Results

Rd 1: As the opening bell rings, the screaming crowd changes to a hush, and the two fighters come out of their corners. Lots of nervous energy and feeling out in the first minute. Bradley looking to get in close and to the body, neither man has his distance yet. Bradley with a nice right hand. Pacquiao unloads as Bradley tries to get in again. Bradley the one initiating here so far. Pacquiao not coming in much on his own. Pretty uneventful first, but round to Bradley, 10-9.

Rd 2: Bradley comes out swinging big at the start of Round 2. Pacquiao didn’t seem warmed up enough to start the fight. Looks like he’s starting to wake up now. Comes in with one of his vintage rushes, but doesn’t land anything. Comes in again and lands a nice left this time, Bradley’s legs almost buckle. Bradley stands his ground and fires back. Now they’re exchanging toe to toe. Bradley lands a nice uppercut and another shot. Pacquiao retaliates and Bradley pushes him back into the ropes. Pacquiao with a lead left. Bradley with a nice lead right. Pacquiao’s round, 19-19.

Rd 3: Pacquiao coming out more aggressive in round 3. Now it’s all him coming forward and initiating the exchanges. Bradley getting hit hard and seems to be feeling some effects. Now he gets Pacquiao to the ropes though and starts doing some work. Missing with most of his shots. Pacquiao gets it back to the center of the ring and connects with a shot. Bradley with a body punch. Pacquiao with a combination. Bradley swinging big. Pacquiao nails him with a straight left. Big Pacquiao round. 29-28 Pacquiao.

Rd 4: Bradley looking to invest with body work still. We’ll see if that pays off for him. Bradley with a lead right. He hurts Pacquiao. Pacquiao covers and bounces around, Bradley pushes him back with a right. Pacquiao goes downstairs. Was Pacquiao’s face revealing some self-doubt? Looks like it. Bradley’s round, evening things up. 38-38.

Rd 5: Pacquiao gets Bradley to the ropes but doesn’t land too much. Pacquiao opens up with a 1-2. Bradley misses with a big uppercut, Pacquiao misses with a left. Bradley with a nice right, and another big right. He misses with a big left hook, then gets one blocked. Last minute of the round seees a lot of staring and posing. Probably Bradley’s round, 48-47 for Bradley.

Rd 6: Bradley with a few combinations and a nice body shot to start the round. Pacquiao just covering up, not throwing anything yet. Seems hesitant to pull the trigger. Crowd is quiet without too much action. Bradley comes forward with a 1-2, then misses over the top with a big hook. Pacquiao just not doing much right now. Pacquiao gets Bradley to the corner and starts unloading, and not much lands. It’s also too little too late for the round though. Bradley takes it, and he’s up 58-56.

Rd 7: Pacquiao more aggressive here. Knows he needs to turn the tides a bit. Throwing more combinations and getting the action started. Bradley not deterred though. Pacquiao now backs him up with a 1-2 and then unloads with a dozen straight punches. Now he keeps on throwing more after a short break. Bradley looking for the one big counter shot. Pacquiao with another big shot, and a big round for him. 67-66 Bradley through 7.

Rd 8: Bradley seems to be trying to reset himself after he let things get out of control last round. Being much more patient and calm now. It’s slowed Pacquiao down and taken away his opportunities. Bradley swings for the fences and misses. They take turns throwing a combination. Not much happening in this round. Pacquiao lands a bit more, evens up the fight. 76-76 through 8.

Rd 9: Bradley with a left to open the round. Pacquiao lands a punch and Bradley almost slips and falls. Didn’t seem hurt. But then it happens again and he almost goes down. Could be gassed right now after the early round exhaustion. Crowd gets livened up now. Pacquiao feeding on it. Pacquiao with a big right upstairs. Pacquiao starts flurrying. Bradley on the ropes taking big shots and looking for the one big answer. Bradley with a couple of jabs. Big Pacquiao round. 86-85 for Pacquiao.

Rd 10: Bradley just looking like he has run out of steam here. Pacquiao coming on strong. More of his classic 1-2s and rapid fire punches. Not completely separating himself from Bradley, but in control right now. Gets Bradley on the ropes, unloads. Bradley just looking for the one big shot. Bradley limps to the corner after the bell. Pacquiao’s round, 96-94.

Rd 11: It appears that Bradley is hurt right now, maybe the same feet/ankle issue. Or he’s just extremely tired. But he’s just circling right now and playing keepaway. Bradley with a nice counter right. Pacquiao chasing him down. Bradley with a 1-2. Pacquiao with a nice straight left. Not exciting stuff, but probably Bradley’s round. Which means the last round could potentially decide this. 105-104 for Pacquiao through 11.

Rd 12: Bradley bulls forward and throws a combination. Pacquiao answers with a combination and gets Bradley to the ropes. May have hurt him there. Big straight left for Pacquiao. Bradley with two big rights that are blocked. Pacquiao sets him up for a straight left. Bradley charges forward and tries to do damage up close. Bradley misses with a few big shots, they clinch. Pacquiao with some jabs, they trade jabs. Pacquiao cut due to a head butt with 15 seconds left, and the ref takes time. They’re right back , and Bradley goes for it in the waning seconds, but doesn’t land anything. Bradley raises his hands, Pacquiao does a bit of a dance. Pacquiao’s round – 115-113 for Pacquiao.

Official Scorecards: 116-112, 116-112 and 118-110 for Manny Pacquiao.

Judges got it right this time, although an 8-point verdict seems a bit wide. No point complaining in this case though, the right guy’s hand was raised!

Undercard Results & Fight Night Updates

12:20 – Fighters have been introduced. Things about to get kicked off. Ding ding ding.

12:16 – Alright, both guys finally in the ring here. Almost go time!

12:10 – Getting ready for the fighter entrances!

12 am – National anthem time. Starting with Jessica Sanchez of American Idol fame for the Filipino national anthem, and then Ashanti for the American anthem.

11:36 pm – Entering round 9 of Beltran vs. Usmanee. Expect the main event at maybe 12:10 am?

10:55 pm – Allakhverdiev vs. Vargas is over. One more undercard fight remaining.

10:15 pm – We’re in the midst of Allakhverdiev vs. Vargas now. We’re shown Pacquiao’s interview with Kellerman, where he’s very easy going and lighthearted, cracking some jokes.

9pm – Alright folks, the Pacquiao vs. Bradley PPV is now officially underway. Up first is the Vasquez vs. Felix fight!

Raymundo Beltran vs. Arash Usmanee

Beltran vs. Usmanee should be a good scrap. Usmanee has been underrated for quite some time, so nice to see him getting this opportunity, even at the last minute, and of course it comes against a guy who has always been on the outside looking in, Beltran.

Beltran definitely has more power and a sturdier frame. Usmanee trying to stick and move a little bit. He’s backing up and circling a lot, probably after feeling that Beltran power.

Beltran in seek and destroy mode in the early going. Definitely seems to be in charge right now, after Usmanee had a strong first.

Usmanee hurt in the 4th. Almost goes down but keeps his feet. Looks like a hook to the body did the most damage, but Beltran followed up with a variety of additional shots.

Usmanee comes out stronger in the 5th. He’s throwing a ton of punches and moving around. See if he can maintain this or it’s more of a last ditch effort. He lands a clean punch on Beltran but Beltran isn’t even slightly fazed and that’s the problem, Usmanee’s power doesn’t hinder Beltran at all. So Beltran can just keep on walking in there and walking him down.

Fight continuing with that pattern now. Usmanee working hard and staying active, and Beltran just coming right on in and looking to land harder, more damaging shots.

The two guys get into some nice exchanges over the final round. Usmanee looking to try to make something happen, but just doesn’t have enough. After another spirited toe to toe exchange, the two fighters embrace after the final bell.

official scorecards: 118-110, 117-111, 117-111 for Beltran

Khabib Allakhverdiev vs. Jessie Vargas

Allakhverdiev one of those guys most people don’t talk about, but has been quietly going about his business in a major way at 140 lbs. Major challenge for Vargas here, who looks to establish his quick, strong jab in the early going.

Vargas doing a good job getting off first. Looks quicker and much more in the fight right now. Allakhverdiev starting to stand his ground a bit better though in Round 2. Still looks like he’s playing catch-up though.

Allakhverdiev starting to gain some momentum. Hurts Vargas with a right hand in Round 4. Tries to sneak in a right uppercut. Vargas gets back to work with his jab.

Fight seems to go through periods where Vargas’ speed and jab takes control, and he gets his offense off first, and cleanly. Then Allakhverdiev lands something good and hurts Vargas or allows him to gain control for a bit.

Vargas has a really good comeback round in the 6th, using some offensive versatility to mix up his shots, going to the body and back upstairs. Allakhverdiev though staying busy and keeping the work rate up now.

Vargas continues to be able to find good spots here and there for uppercuts and a range of different types of shots. He seems to have shifted momentum back to his favor right now. In the 8th, Allakhverdiev gets cut and it’s ruled accidental, and he comes out charging after the cut.

Allakhverdiev’s cut examined closely in the middle of the 9th. He tries to take charge after, but Vargas answers. But Allakhverdiev lands a nice straight left with Vargas on the ropes. Not only is the cut bad, but the swelling is severe.

Allakhverdiev’s face is a mess. But he’s not letting Vargas take control. In the 10th, each guy lands some very effective body blows, Khabib ends the round on a stronger note.

Both of these guys have shown a lot of heart and grit in this fight. Moving into the final round, Allakhverdiev comes out swinging for the fences. His face is just brutal. Vargas lands some good body shots. Still going strong there in the final session. Lots of exchanges in the final moments. They keep on trading to the bill. Each man thinks he won.

Scorecards could be interesting here.

Official scorecards: 115-113, 115-113 and 117-111 for Vargas.

Definitely proved a lot with that win, and a rematch could be in order. Last scorecard way too wide.

Bryan Vasquez vs. Jose Felix Jr.

Felix opens the bout and shows his class, beating Vasquez to the punch and landing the cleaner blows. But the action quickly intensifies, and these two are each throwing and landing bombs. In Round 2, Vasquez really starts paying attention to the body work, landing some big shots downstairs. This seems to turn things in his favor, and also leaves Felix’s defense for his head a bit open.

Vasquez spends a lot of time bouncing around, also switching between orthodox and southpaw stances. Felix lands the sole shot of note in the 3rd, punctuating the round with a solid connect upstairs.

In Rounds 4 & 5, Vasquez continuing to outwork Felix. Felix has moments but Vasquez seems to be controlling action more. Pace has slowed from both men though compared to the first two rounds.

Felix gets sent down at the start of Round 6 but it’s ruled a push. Felix comes back and lands a few combination shots. Vasquez gets him to the rope and begins doing some good work. We have an accidental head butt in Round 7, and Felix has a big swelling developing over his right eye.

The swelling really getting bad, and reminiscent of Hasim Rahman. Not that large and crazy, but certainly in the ballpark. Certainly he’s frustrated with it, because he gets a penalty point taken away in Round 9 for a low blow. But on closer inspection, the low blow was actually a knee to the groin!

While Felix was touted as the classier of these two fighters, Vasquez is very slick, and filled with tricks. He’s entirely in control at this stage, and Felix is just frustrated and slipping farther away in the fight.

Another head butt in Round 11. Felix cut as a result, and almost seems as if he wanted out. But once the action resumes, he gets right back in there and tags Vasquez. But Felix certainly the worse for the wear overall.

Things continuing to get ugly in the final round. Felix lands a low blow, Vasquez doubles over, but the ref doesn’t allow for any breaks. Vasquez forced to keep on fighting, and now he turns up the heat. Gets Felix hurt in the corner but Felix eventually spins away.

Vasquez should certainly win a clear decision here. And he earned himself some high profile fights in the future with the performance.

Official scorecards: 117-110, 114-113, 114-113 for Vasquez

How in the world Vasquez only wins by 1 point on two cards… is beyond me.

Be sure to check back with us later in the weekend for full post-fight aftermath on the Pacquiao vs. Bradley results, analysis, ranking updates and more, and thanks for stopping by for our round by round coverage of the HBO PPV!