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Pacquiao vs. Margarito Round by Round Results & Live Blog

Pacquiao vs. Margarito Results – Live Round by Round Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito Blog, Fight Updates & Scorecard

On November 13, 2010, Manny Pacquiao will take on Antonio Margarito for the vacant WBC Junior Middleweight Title. The Pacquiao vs. Margarito fight will be broadcast on HBO PPV, and will be fought at a catchweight of 150 lbs. When the big night is finally here, on ProBoxing-Fans.com you’ll be able to find live updates and Pacquiao vs. Margarito results with a round by round blog.

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We’ll be bringing you the whole PPV card updated live, including coverage of the main supporting bouts, featuring Guillero Rigondeaux vs. Ricardo Cordoba, and more. Simply put, when you don’t want to buy the pay-per-view, this is your best place to be to get all of the Pacquiao vs. Margarito results and live round by round updates that you need.

Pacquiao Margarito PPV Status: Pacquiao vs. Margarito results are in!

Pacquiao vs. Margarito Results: Scorecard


Manny Pacquiao

Antonio Margarito

Pacquiao vs. Margarito Round by Round Updates & Results

OK, it’s finally fight time. One surprising note is that Margarito’s arm length advantage is only half an inch, despite the much larger size. The other surprising note was revealed at the weigh-in yesterday, that Pacquiao weighed in at less than 145 lbs. Tonight the weight difference is 148 lbs to 165 lbs, for a 17 lbs advantage for Margarito.

It’s 11:45 PM and the ring walks are underway. Margarito and team are making their way to the ring… Pacquiao makes his ring walk, and he’s coming out to Thunderstruck by ACDC. Now the song switches to some Rocky theme music. The entire scene looks like it’s from a Rocky movie set.

See below for all of the details on the Margarito-ephedra-coffee episode.

Rd 1: – Margarito is just absolutely huge in the ring next to Manny. Margarito keeping a high guard and using a jab, Pacquiao going to the body. Pacquiao really has to punch up high, and in the mean time, Margarito is landing his jab. Pacquiao lands a straight left, his first good punch of the night. He’s having a bit of trouble getting into his attack against Margarito’s size. He scores with a 1-2, then goes to the body. Margarito throwing all jabs. Pacquiao throws a combo at the bell. 10-9 Pacquiao.

Rd 2: – Margarito begins to open up a bit, Pacquiao throws a few consecutive jabs. Pacquiao opens up and his speed shows. Margarito keeping his guard high. Margarito lands a 1-2 and then goes to the body. Pacquiao is up against the ropes then gets back to the center of the ring. Margarito lands a jab, then a 1-2, Pacquiao is getting tagged a bit, Margarito goes to the body. Pacquiao is landing back as well, but Margarito’s punches definitely have an effect. Pacquiao lands a straight left. Double jab from Margarito. Pacquiao combos as the bell rings. 10-9 Margarito.

Rd 3: – Pacquiao lands a big straight left and continues to try to break the guard of Margarito. Margarito coming forward, gets Pacquiao on the ropes and open up, but largely misses and looks Tmad at himself for not taking advantage. Then Pacquiao opens up and lands a few good shots. Margarito smiles wide, always a bad sign for a fighter. Pacquiao lands to the head and body, Margarito fires back with a 1-2. Pacquiao ends the round strongly with a good attack. 10-9 Pacquiao.

Rd 4: – Pacquiao lands 2 straight lefts, Margarito answers back, and almost goes low with an uppercut. Margarito is busted open under his right eye. Pacquiao is opening up and has thrown 20 or so straight punches. Pacquiao then covers up and backs up before darting back in and unloading. Huge Pacquiao round. All Manny opening up on Margarito, who has no answer right now and looks a bit shell shocked. Pacquiao goes to the body, finally Margarito comes back but just for a brief second. This could almost be a 10-8 round for Pacquiao, it’s that one-sided.

Rd 5: – Pacquiao sneaks in a straight shot under Margarito’s gloves. Margarito applies some pressure and gets Manny against the ropes. Pacquiao lands a lead hook and then a few punches follow. He lands a straight left and keeps up the work rate. Pacquiao lands a big straight left. Margarito lands a few good shots and backs Manny up. Pacquiao retakes control and keeps punching. Big straight lefts cloes out the round for Manny. Another Pacquiao round 10-9.

Rd 6: – Margarito’s right cheek is all sorts of swollen up and busted open. Pacquiao lands a straight left and then a 1-2. He mixes in an uppercut and turns out to his side. Margarito can’t catch up as Manny goes to his side. Pacquiao lands an uppercut, goes to the body, and stays moving around. Margarito started off all jabs, and now has abandoned that almost entirely. He’s following Pacquiao around the ring instead of cutting it off. Margarito lands a handful of good body shots, Pacquiao is a bit hurt, and he’s cut. The two trade toe to toe for the last 20 seconds, Pacquiao eventually gets the better of it, but Margarito did some good damage there. Manny was invigorated by being tagged, however.

Rd 7: – Manny moving around a bit to start the round. Ducking under Margarito’s punches, flying inside, landing a few shots, opening up, coming back out. Pacquiao doing a bit of everything right now. Margarito lands a big body shot, then Pacquiao goes for a dozen punches unanswered. He even works in a quick Ali Shuffle at a moment in the round. Pacquiao unleashing nonstop, Margarito trying to come forward but not getting much done.

Rd 8: – Margarito gets Pacquiao against the ropes and starts unloading. He goes hard to Pacquiao’s body and gets him in a bit of trouble. Pacquiao eventually turns the tide and unloads his own combinations, but he looks tired from the exchanges. Margarito has him back on the ropes, he’s holding and hitting a bit but he is trying to break his man down. Pacquiao starts moving a bit more, and he does look much more tired now. The two trade with Pacquiao against the ropes, Pacquiao is bleeding from the mouth now. Margarito’s round. This was a round of the year type of round!

Rd 9: – Pacquiao trying to time Margarito with a lead right hook. He’s moving around much more this round, definitely trying to take some time to recover from round 8. Finally he opens up and lands a series of unanswered punches. Margarito lands a straight shot, Pacquiao comes back to land a few, Pacquiao’s round in a much tamer setting this time out.

Rd 10: – Margarito’s right eye is just about closed, and Manny is taking advantage of that. Almost all Pacquiao in Round 10. Margarito’s steam that he had for a bit seems to have dissipated. He finally gets Pacquiao against the ropes, but Pacquiao punches his way out and dances back to the center. He looks exhausted, but is still finding a way to work-work-work. He lands about 10 straight punches, Margarito just offers a few slow exchanges back. Pacquiao staggers Margarito, he pushes him back and lands about 10 more shots, Margarito could be stopped.

Rd 11: – Fight could have been stopped in the last round, but here we go again. Margarito comes out applying pressure too. He’s working and trying hard, but Pacquiao isn’t letting up. He comes in, lands 3 or 4, looks at the referee to stop it, darts out, comes back in and lands more, moves out, launches another combination. Pacquiao is throwing almost nonstop. Cole stops the action but then lets it continue. Epic beat down at this point… Margarito’s eye is absolutely terrible.

Rd 12: – Pacquiao has been stepping off the gas. Seeming to say, if this fight won’t be stopped, I’m not going to just assault this guy, and I’m not going to get him down to the canvas. He keeps on working hard and landing a few shots, but doesn’t apply real pressure to close out the show. The point was already made, all Pacquiao tonight save for a few tough moments.

Unofficial ProBoxing-Fans.com Pacquiao vs. Margarito results & scorecard: 118-110… and it could have been much wider than that!

Official judges’ scorecard and Pacquiao vs. Margarito results: 120-108, 118-110, 119-109, Pacquiao wins by UD

Pacquiao landed over 470 punches, he connected on 58% of his power punches, it was a beat down, and Margarito showed a lot of heart but lost in a major way. Pacquiao is swollen up, bloody and tired too, but it was an epic performance for Manny against a bigger, stronger guy.

Manny admits to being hurt a few times in the fight by uppercuts and other punches, and says that he can’t believe the fight and that he’s lucky tonight, and Margarito fought great. He also says he was looking to the referee to stop the bout because of Margarito’s face and his eye. In the 12th, he was just avoiding damage, making sure he didn’t get into trouble.

Finally, Kellerman asks him about Mayweather. Pacquiao says he’s not scared to fight anybody, that’s his promoter’s job, and he just shows up to fight. He’s going to continue to fight, and he thanks god and thanks the fans. He said he gave all he can give, and he’s trying to make people happy.

Margarito comes for his interview, and his face is just a disaster. His right eye is swollen completely shut and is busted open, and is bright purple. He said he failed, but that he never considered stopping, and that he fights to the end. Trainer Garcia says he never considered stopping it either.

Pacquiao Margarito Event Coverage & Notes

9:00 PM – Alright, we’re live here on ProBoxing-Fans.com, and the PPV is starting up as Jim Lampley gives the rundown, and we get an aerial view of Cowboys Stadium… We’re going to jump right into Brandon Rios vs. Omri Lowther as the first televised undercard fight of the evening…

9:19 PM – We’re in the middle of Rios vs. Lowther, but we get the fight night weights for Pacquiao & Margarito. Manny weighs 148 lbs on the unofficial scales, and Margarito weighs 165 lbs, for a huge 17 lb weight disparity in the ring.

9:30 PM – Rios vs. Lowther is over, waiting for Rigondeaux vs. Cordoba. Pacquiao entered the arena about 20 minutes ago. Lampley talks a bit about Pacquiao’s weight, Steward gives his keys to victory for each man; no surprises for Pacquiao, using his speed, timing and in-and-out style, and Margarito using his size advantage and pressure.

9:56 PM – Main event referee Laurence Cole gives his instructions to Margarito and his team in their locker room as Rigondeaux vs. Cordoba continues. Roach arrives to Margarito’s dressing room (off-camera) and is ready to watch them wrap his hands.

10:01 PM – Roach is in Margarito’s room and is watching Margarito’s hand wraps extremely closely…. 10:10 PM – we’re still getting video of the hand-wrapping in both locker rooms, Pacquiao is fixing his own wraps and the commissioner signs off on Margarito’s…

10:17 PM – Both fighters are wearing 8 ounce Cleto Reyes gloves. Interesting, because higher than welterweight, 10 ounce gloves are required, but because this is at a catchweight, they made an exception to use the 8 ounce gloves.

10:39 PM – There’s a dispute right now in the locker rooms between the two camps. Robert Garcia is trying to explain something as Freddie Roach, and other people look on.

10:47 PM – Kellerman tells us about the issues in the locker room. Garcia is having an issue with a pre-rolled piece of tape that Pacquiao had on his hand wraps. Roach is saying he has a source that Margarito took ephedra, a banned substance, and he wants a drug test. Apparently each side is backing down to allow the fight to go down, but this could be very interesting as the night plays out. Roach wanted the drug test now because he says it would be out of his system after the fight. Apparently team Pacquiao saw Margarito ready to take Hydroxycut, which includes ephedra. Then there are some issues about whether or not he drank any coffee.

11:04 PM – Pacquiao’s team says he saw Margarito about to take Hydroxycut, a banned substance. They didn’t see him take it, but the commission didn’t explicitly tell Margarito not to when the incident occurred. The fight is still a go right now after this drama.

11:20 PM – Jones vs. Soto-Karass is over, Pacquiao vs. Margarito is next! Start time in about 20 minutes.. Yahir sings the Mexican national anthem… Zyrene Parsao sings the Filipino anthem… 3 Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders sing the US anthem… now Nelly comes out to perform…

PPV Undercard Bouts

Mike Jones vs. Jesus Soto-Karass

Rd 1 – All Mike Jones in the first round, he dominates the action, and he controls the action with his jabs, dictating the action from the outside.

Rd 2 – Jones opens up and his throwing ferociously. He’s going non-stop to the body and head. Soto-Karass is in major, major trouble on the ropes. Jones has been throwing nonstop for more than a minute. Huge shots coming in, finally Soto-Karass starts answering back but he’s all bloody and battered. Jones though is obviously gassed after throwing nonstop for 90 seconds and Soto-Karass starts coming forward. CRAZY round!

Rd 3 – Soto-Karass is the guy coming forward and landing shots right now. Jones is tired and was obviously banking on getting that stoppage in the previous round, but wasn’t able to close the show. Soto-Karass is bleeding badly over both eyes now, but he’s the one doing damage. Really a dominant round for him after that whirlwind second.

Rd 4­ – Soto-Karass is still the guy applying pressure, but Jones is getting more in on the action now. Still, he’s circling around and moving backwards, and getting tagged by shots.

Rd 5 – The action finally slows down in round 5 compares to the fast pace it had been moving at. Jones still has not recovered from that incredible outburst in the second. I had hardly seen anything like it before, and it certainly didn’t pay off for him here.

Rd 6 – Jones is coming back on. His jabs and straight crosses have more power and crispness on them. But he’s still moving back. It’s hard to focus on the fight fully with the drama behind the scenes involving Margarito, ephedra, coffee, and who knows what else.

Rd 7 – Soto-Karass is all heart and toughness. Been bleeding and battered since the start, but he has been doing almost all of the damage since. Jones starts to land a few hooks to the head, and trades in the center of the ring instead of moving straight back.

Rd 8 – The action is much more even now and both men are giving and taking. Jones is bleeding from a few different spots, the cuts over Soto-Karass’s eyes isn’t as bad as it was. Soto-Karass remains the aggressor here.

Rd 9 – After a minute of action the doctor looks at Soto-Karass’s eye. He’s good to go, and the two go right back to it, standing and trading. Soto-Karass digs to the body, Jones lands a succession of clean punches to the head. Soto-Karass bulls back forward. Jones is pretty badly busted up at this point. One more round…

Rd 10 – Jones comes out and definitely wants to do some work in the final stanza. He squares right back up though and allows Soto-Karass to continue coming forward and land his own shots. Jones sneaks up an uppercut to the head and follows it up with a series of big punches. Soto-Karass lands a big right to the head. They keep trading to the bell. Scorecards will be interesting here.

Official scorecards: 94-94, 95-94, 97-93 for Mike Jones

Mike Jones wins Majority Decision

Guillermo Rigondeaux vs. Ricardo Cordoba

There’s been a lot of buzz that Rigondeaux is the best recent Cuban import, including the likes of Yuriorkis Gamboa and Erislandy Lara. He has some 240+ amateur fights, with only about 4 losses. He had 2 Olympic gold medals, and would have won a third, but wasn’t allowed to fight in Beijing by Cuba for fear of defecting. Pretty great to see this kind of fight in his 7th professional turn, but at 30 years old and with that pedigree, why wait?

Rd 1 – Cordoba is bigger and rangier than Rigondeaux. Rigondeaux carries his right hand down at the top of his trunks and sways it up and down, somewhat reminiscent of Roy Jones. Slow first round with not much action, a lot of feeling out.

Rd 2 – This fight is m-o-v-i-n-g v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y and the arena is dead silent, before braking out into boos and whistles at the end of the stanza. Rigondeaux is controlling the slight bit of action there is by getting off first with his speed, but not much going on.

Rd 3 – Rigondeaux lands a looping lead hook/uppercut to the body. Cordoba paws with his jab. Both of these guys being southpaws is causing some awkward moments and tie-ups. The two exchange and Rigondeaux closes it with a good right hook. Rigondeaux is extremely fast with his body movement. “Best” round so far, but doesn’t say much.

Rd 4 – Rigondeaux puts Cordoba down with a body shot. Cordoba is in pain on the canvas, and barely gets up at the count of 9. He still looks hurt. Rigondeaux gets on the attack a bit, and just misses with a few big shots to the head. He still doesn’t open up too much though. Cordoba looks more recovered as the round goes on. Cordoba finally fires back in the final 20 seconds of the round.

Rd 5 – Rigondeaux should be opening up more considering his technical and speed advantages. But it is what it is, and he’s taking his time, and Cordoba can’t get anything going for himself. His combinations are extremely tight and technical. This round featured mostly near-misses by both men, but Rigondeaux landed a few jabs and few body shots while staying on his toes and dictating the action.

Rd 6 – Rigondeaux starts to open up more, and surprise surprise, he does and then he gets sent down to the canvas. His glove touched, but it counts, and it was a straight right hand that did it. Cordoba is energized, and according to what Rigondeaux had said, this is the first time amateur or pro that he has been on the canvas. Rigondeaux doesn’t seem hurt at all, but Cordoba is moving on the attack and applying pressure.

Rd 7 – Cordoba keeps on applying pressure, and the fight is finally picking up some steam. Rigondeaux is on the retreat and tries to dart in and out to land a jab here or there. Cordoba comes in and Rigondeaux tries to time him with a counter, but he just pushes him down. Cordoba continues pressing the pace, his best round of the night, including the last with the knockdown.

Rd 8 -Rigondeaux must have been more hurt than he showed from the flash knockdown, because he has changed his style into moving and bouncing. Cordoba is coming forward but is growing tired of the moving target and the running tactics. The last 30 seconds features hardly any punches thrown by either man, but Cordoba’s round for trying to force the action.

Rd 9 – Rigondeaux throws a lot of punches from a distance and it looks like he’s not even trying to have them land. Cordoba is coming forward but is struggling to catch up with the circling Rigondeaux. Rigondeaux lands a good 1-2 after Cordoba landed a right hook to the body. Cordoba jabs a few times to the head, Rigondeaux keeps circling. These scorecards could be very interesting, if we get there.

Rd 10 – Well if you blinked you might have missed all of the action in this one. Cordoba coming forward, not landing much. Rigondeaux circling around, not throwing much. Hmm.

Rd 11 – Rigondeaux could be a marathoner, because he’s been running nonstop for quite some time now. The announcing crew has shifted to talking just about Pacquiao vs. Margarito, and has been basically ignoring the fight. It’s hard to pay attention, because the action has been pretty nondescript. Do you like ineffective, come-forward aggression, or stay-away, un-attacking defensive posturing?

Rd 12 – Just hard to comment on this fight. I guess you could say Rigondeaux has been winning rounds, but he’s been jumping around, throwing in single digits, and avoiding action nonstop. The final bell rings, and the crowd boos. I would have cheered so we could all move on with what’s next! Rigondeaux probably wins the decision here, but didn’t captivate anyone in the process, and the scorecards could be surprising…

Official scorecards: 114-112 Cordoba, 117-109 Rigondeaux, 114-112 Rigondeaux

Rigondeaux wins by SD

Brandon Rios vs. Omri Lowther

Rios tried to make the contracted weight three times but failed, and the two are really fighting as junior welterweights, not lightweights, tonight. Rios got the bout on short notice and re-hydrated all the way to an astonishing 157 lbs, and he definitely looks all of it in the ring….

Rd 1 – Rios starts pressuring right off the bat, and the crew talks about Rios and his weight, and how out of shape he is. Kellerman makes the comparison to Roberto Duran, who was always in shape when it counted but was frequently out of shape during smaller bouts. Rios probably won the round based on aggression and work rate, but not much action, and Lowther landed a few shots as well.

Rd 2 – Rios is doing some good work to the body and then brings it back upstairs and connects with a few flush shots. Lowther fires back, Rios catches him with a left hook to the cheek. Rios blocks a few punches and keeps coming forward the rest of the round.

Rd 3 – Lowther is circling and backpedaling a lot but it’s more running than being defensive. Rios back him to the rope and lands a big right. Lowther backs away, Rios corners him again, lands again, and the cycle repeats. Lowther sticks out his jab but isn’t throwing with force. Rios’s best round of the evening, although Lowther ends the round with a good combo.

Rd 4 – If you don’t have anything to keep Rios off you, he’s just going to bull forward every second, and that’s what he’s still doing. Lowther lands a good right and it backs Rios up for a minute, then he lands a few more. Rios answers to the body, gets Lowther on the ropes and lands a good shot at the bell.

Rd 5 – Slow start to the round but the pattern remains the same. The first half of the round is slow, but then Rios wobbles him and almost sends him down. They clinch, Rios lands a big body shot, and then he lands a big right to the head. The referee jumps in and stops the bout. Props to Emmanuel Steward who before the 5th said that he would have stopped the bout then.

Brandon Rios wins by 5th round TKO.

—– —– —–

Thanks for checking in with the ProBoxing-Fans.com Pacquiao vs. Margarito round by round blog and live updates. This is the best place online for live Pacquiao vs. Margarito results!

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