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Pacquiao’s Spiritual Awakening, full video Manny Pacquiao documentary feature

Late last year eight-division world champion Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao began a journey of spiritual renewal, which now includes leading daily Bible study classes. He has embraced The Bible and its teachings, making The Bible his “manual for living his life.”

Eschewing many of the vices he claimed were poisoning his life, here, for the first time, Manny gives a thorough first-person account on his new-found spirituality and how it has affected his life as a world champion boxer, an elected public servant and a family man. It is candid, raw and enlightening, and the full video is available right here.

Below, you can find all six parts of the Manny Pacquiao Spiritual Awakening documentary.

This special Pacquiao video documentary is broken down into six parts. All told, it’s just about 20 minutes in length, and it features Pacquiao directly talking about his past and current life, his religious beliefs and principles, what it means for him in the boxing ring and beyond, why he needed to change and how he did it, and much more. He does a lot of the speaking himself, and also his spiritual advisor comes on board and talks about Pacquiao and his life and transformation as well.

It’s definitely an intriguing watch, and certainly a big departure from the 24/7 type of material we typically see. Enjoy the full video of the Pacquiao documentary “Spiritual Awakening” and keep on checking back with ProBoxing-Fans.com for more fight week updates on Pacquiao vs. Bradley and much more.