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Patrick Hyland working with Tracy Patterson


Unbeaten Irish super featherweight prospect Patrick “The Punisher” Hyland (25-0, 11 KOs) wants to get where his trainer, two-time world champion Tracy Harris Patterson, has already been.

Patterson, who lives in nearby New Paltz, was trained by his father, the late Floyd Patterson, two-time world heavyweight champion and 1952 Olympic gold medal winner.  Tracy (63-8-2, 43 KOs) was the world super bantamweight champion in the early to mid-nineties.

The 28-year-old Hyland, rated No. 6 by the United States Boxing Association (“USBA”), is the reigning World Boxing Federation (“WBF”) super featherweight champion.

Patterson started training Patrick’s brother, Paul, who was the first of the three Hyland brothers to fight in the United States.  Tracy went back-and-forth from the US to Ireland to work Paul’s fights and eventually he started training Patrick, who decided to move to Marlboro, New York in order to train regularly with Patterson.

“I liked Patrick’s determination,” Patterson spoke about first working with Patrick.  “His willingness to be in the gym impressed me.  He will do whatever is necessary to accomplish his goals as a professional fighter.  He’s a pro outside of the ring, too.  Patrick made a commitment to come to America when he signed with Final Round Promotions and Team Snooki Boxing to get his shot.  Although he came here well established, he still needed work on his defense and movement.  Now, he’s the full package.

“His father (Patrick, Sr.) has worked with Patrick and he has entrusted his son with me.  At the May 12th show, I’ll be Patrick’s chief and his father will be working the corner as an assistant.”

Patterson believes his protégé can make it to the top of the mountain that he climbed two decades ago.  “Patrick’s not far from a world title shot,” Tracy predicted.  “He just hasn’t been given an opportunity, yet, to step into the ring with an opponent who can get him in position for a world title shot.  He’s at the door now.

“When you get to a certain level, all fighters are good, but the one who wants it the most will win.  Patrick has that now; he’s very hungry.  He walks around with the determination to become world champion.”

The more experienced Archuleta is best known, perhaps, for upsetting five-time world champion Johnny Tapia.  A former New Mexico and Texas State champion, Frankie extended former world champion Alejandro Berrio and world title challenger Emmanuel Lucero the full 12-round distance in their respective fights.

“We don’t take anybody lightly,” Patterson concluded.  “Patrick has to be fully prepared because Archuleta’s coming in looking for an upset.  Patrick’s ready now.  A few more weeks of sparring and he’ll be like a lion come fight night.”

Hyland headlines the May 12th “Irish Invasion” card against veteran Frankie Archuleta (27-9-1, 14 KOs) in the 10-round main event, at Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, New York.

The “Irish Invasion” card is being presented by Final Round Promotions, in association with Team Snooki Boxing and Bob Duffy’s Ring Promotions, and sponsored in part by Title Boxing.