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Peter Quillin: I have no disrespect for Michael Zerafa

Credit: Angela Cranford / Barclays Center

Ahead of his duel with Michael Zerafa on Saturday 12 September, Peter Quillin told the press that he understands the position his opponent is in.

“I was telling Zerafa when we faced-off that I’ve been in his shoes before and I know how it feels. No disrespect. He doesn’t have to tell me that he’s got nothing to lose, I know that. I’m worried about looking good in this fight and doing what I’ve been working on in the gym.

“I know he’s beaten all the best in Australia, but I’ve beaten the best all over the world. He’s not going to be in his backyard and have that comfort he’s used to.”

Quillin also spoke out about his appreciation for Floyd Mayweather, who fights Andre Berto on the same evening.

“Not everyone knows I was raised all my life in Grand Rapids, Michigan just like Floyd Mayweather and he was really one of my biggest inspirations. Fighting on the same day as him is the closest I’ll get to fighting on his undercard, which I’ve always wanted to do.”

Quillin closed by stating his desire to meet fellow American middleweight Daniel Jacobs.

“I’m excited for the possibility of fighting Daniel Jacobs. He’s been calling for it for a long time and the seats are reversed now, because he’s a champion and I’m not. I’m motivated regardless of the belt, but I want the opportunity to fight one of the best in the world and showcase my talent and show I’m the king of Brooklyn.”