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Rankings updates following Broner-Escobedo fight & controversy


Alright, we’re all probably pretty sick of hearing more talk on the Broner vs. Escobedo fight, and the controversy surrounding Adrien Broner’s weight and antics. Nonetheless, the fight and the controversy means we have to revise our divisional rankings not only to reflect the bout, but the change in weight  class as well. As such, we have an updated top 10 in the super featherweight division, as well as the lightweight division. Take a look.

So, of course Adrien Broner has been removed from the 130 lb rankings. Even though he hasn’t officially fought at Lightweight, he basically has in this last fight, and we’re including him in the top 10 at 135 pounds as a result. Even with no actual bouts there, he has to be slotted near the top of the division due to his talent and skill. Meanwhile, does Vicente Escobedo deserve to be in the top 10 at Super Featherweight, despite the knockout loss? We think he at least deserves a spot there for the time being, considering the way everything went down there. So you can check out the top 10 in each weight class to see where these guys ended up.

In addition, at 135 lbs there has also been some other action. On Shobox this weekend, undefeated Art Hovhannisyan scored a decision win against former champ Miguel Acosta, and he’ll be looking to continue with that momentum and land some bigger fighters.

Take a look at our updated top 10 weight class rankings for Lightweight and Super Featherweight and keep on coming back to ProBoxing-Fans.com for more of the best boxing news updates.