Home News Results: Eddie Ramirez stops Kevin Watts after getting up off the canvas

Results: Eddie Ramirez stops Kevin Watts after getting up off the canvas

Credit: Linda Sacauskas / PBC

Chicago’s Eddie Ramirez (15-0, 10 KOs) scored a seventh round knockout of Kevin Watts (11-1, 4 KOs) in a battle of unbeaten super lightweight prospects that served as the main event of Premier Boxing Champions Toe to Toe Tuesdays from Robinson Rancheria Resort and Casino in Nice, California.

Ramirez was determined to be the busier fighter, but it was Watts who scored the first big blow of the night when he caught Ramirez with a right uppercut that dropped his opponent for the first time in his career.

The Chicago-born prospect stepped up the attack after the knockdown and began to dominate the fight with his work rate and body punching. The jab was another effective weapon for Ramirez and it allowed him to navigate the distance and push Watts against the ropes.

Watts was unable to put his punches together and Ramirez became more emboldened in his attack as the fight went on and Watts began to wear down. Ramirez had a 488 to 348 advantage in punches thrown while connecting on 170 punches to Watts’ 130.

The relentless attack eventually paid dividends as Ramirez trapped Watts with a flurry of body punches and eventually put Watts down to the mat. He was unable to beat the count and the fight was waved off at 1:37 in the seventh round.

The co-main event of the night saw super welterweight prospect Marcos “Madman” Hernandez (9-0, 2 KOs) earn a unanimous decision over Detroit’s Antonio Urista (7-2, 2 KOs) in their eight-round bout.

Hernandez controlled the fight with his length advantage and superior accuracy while Urista attempted to outwork his opponent. The fight was full of exchanges from start to finish as both fighters loaded up on power punches throughout the night.

Round three saw Hernandez begin to break through and land big, clean shots on Urista, who was staggered by a right hand midway through the round. Hernandez’s steady attack had an effect on Urista in the form of his mouthpiece falling out three times. In the fifth round, the third instance prompted the referee to deduct a point from Urista.

Sensing the urgency in the fight, Urista pressed forward and initiated an exciting round of back and forth action. Hernandez continued to get the better of the exchanges but was tagged by a hard left hand to the head right before the bell.

Urista enjoyed a 664-507 advantage in punches thrown, but Hernandez was able to land 213 punches to 193 from his opponent. Hernandez was dominant with his right hooks and he mixed in uppercuts throughout the night as he began to time his opponent.

Hernandez’s 42 percent to 29 percent advantage in punches landed proved to be the difference as he took home the decision by scores of 80-71 twice and 79-72.