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Results from DC: Peterson vs. Jean, Charlo vs. Rosado

Credit: Tom Casino / Showtime

Big-time boxing was back in the nation’s capital on Saturday night, with Showtime presenting a doubleheader at the D.C. Armory, headlined by native Lamont Peterson taking on Dierry Jean, and a very intriguing clash between Jermell Charlo and Gabriel Rosado.

Right here, you can check out all of the results from the evening.

Lamont Peterson vs. Dierry Jean Results

Each man looking to establish himself early on. They’re both staying closer than not, but Peterson is the one that circles around when the time’s right. Peterson seems more confident and comfortable, Jean still trying to find himself a little bit.

In Round 2, there’s a moment where they trade big hooks, and Peterson does more damage. That gets him more relaxed, as he then circles around Jean who in turn looks to turn up the heat, and gets Peterson trapped on the ropes. He lands a big right uppercut as the round ends.

Action picking up in Round 3, with both men looking to throw big shots. Jean tags Peterson, but Peterson comes right back and starts applying pressure. Jean’s punches seem to be doing more damage, because Jean just seems to have a rock solid beard. But Peterson getting busy and looking to kick up the work rate as well. Lots of trading and each man looking to make his mark.

Peterson always loves putting on a big show for the hometown crowd. He’s doing some showboating in there, but he was only given the chance to do so after he landed some big body shots. Big Round 5 for Peterson though, clearly regained control of the fight.

Peterson continuing to come in Round 6. He’s really pouring on the pressure and he came out fired up from the start of the round, flying across the ring to get after his man. He’s applying pressure, firing off a crisp jab, feeding off the crowd, and mixing in some body shots as well. Peterson continues with the strong efforts in Round 7, and Jean starts to look a bit lost. He doesn’t know how to react at this point, clearly in there with the best guy he’s ever faced.

Credit to Jean, when it was looking like he was lost, he dug deep in Round 8 and found a way to get some effective work in. He turned the tide there by throwing combinations behind his jab, and mixing in shots to the body as well. Jean than landed a big right uppercut as well.

Jean continues the rally in Round 9. Peterson fighting back and looking to reestablish control, but Jean has decided he’s not going out quietly in this one. But Jean is either stepping off the gas or Peterson is simply asserting himself. Either way, it seems as if Lamont is getting and maintaining the lead in the exchanges.

Peterson called for a low blow in Round 10, landed deep on the hip. Wasn’t deducted a point, but Jean was given time to recover as the crowd booed. Peterson decided to come back the best way possible with yet another big uppercut which snapped his head back.

As the fight turns to the championship rounds, once again it seems as if Peterson is separating himself. Jean has seemed to close himself off a little bit, shutting down and being unable to get anything done, while Peterson instead is confident and looking to continue riding this out to seal the deal.

Peterson seems to have won likely 9 or 10 rounds in the fight.

Official scorecards: 115-113, 116-112, 118-111 for Peterson.

Jermell Charlo vs. Gabriel Rosado Results

Jermell Charlo begins his first major step-up fight displaying a strong, crisp jab, and sharp overall boxing skills. Rosado comes out pressing the action, coming forward, but he’s biding his time and he’s not selling out. Unfortunately, that means he’s losing rounds right now, and Charlo has been able to keep him at distance and control the fight from the outside through three rounds.

Charlo continues doing good work, although Rosado starts turning up the heat a bit in Round 4. In Round 5 though, Rosado’s same old problems come back, and a bad cut is opened over his left eye. It’s bleeding bad and he’s going to need to find a way to do some damage in a hurry. Meanwhile, Charlo was the one who took advantage, landing some big shots with Rosado’s vision and focus both partially obstructed.

Apparently Rosado’s cut was caused by a headbutt, but it wasn’t called, so that’s that. Rosado is getting more aggressive, but Charlo is standing in there and is happy to use his superior speed to trade with him a bit. Charlo is pitching a shutout right now, although Rosado does some flurrying along the ropes at the end of Round 7.

The bloodier Rosado gets, the better he’s fighting. While on some level it seems as if he just doesn’t have “it” tonight, right now, in the 8th, he’s putting on some effective pressure and landing some shots. Let’s see if he can keep it up.

It’s a shame that a fight like this is only scheduled for 10 rounds, but oh well. Rosado doing his best work here in Round 10, and over the past few, but Charlo still effective with his speed and skill. Now, Charlo a bit stunned from a hook and backs away, but then throws an uppercut in retaliation.

Jermell Charlo looked his best in his biggest fight, and his biggest stage to date. Kudos to him, sharp, crisp boxing skills, good speed, intelligent in the ring.

Official scorecards: 97-93, 99-91, 100-90 for Charlo

Undercard Action

Highly touted Dominic Wade had to survive a bit of a first round scare after being hit in the early-goings by opponent Dashon Johnson. But Wade bounced back and soon took control with his superior athleticism and skill.

Three-time US Olympian Rau’shee Warren took care of business against opponent German Merez. He scored a knockdown in the final round of a scheduled eight, and otherwise simply outboxed him from start to finish. Warren has always has the skills, but after three trips to the Olympics, it’d be nice if he followed in the footsteps of somebody like Vasyl Lomachenko, who’s being moved so quickly.

Undefeated Robert Easter Jr. shut out Daniel Attah over an 8-round Unanimous Decision. Easter is a blue chip prospect, and he was just far too skilled, too sharp, and too athletic, for Attah. Attah was game, and gave Easter a veteran prospective, and some hard-fought rounds.

Former US Olympian Jamel Herring won a split decision over Antonio Sanchez. Herring appeared to control the fight, although he didn’t put on the type of showing he may have wanted. Still, was a clear-cut win with one funky scorecard in there.

Thanks for  checking out all of our coverage of the Showtime boxing results from Washington D.C., and stay tuned for more updates regarding the aftermath of Peterson vs. Jean and Charlo vs. Rosado!