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Results & highlights: Anthony Joshua dominates Dominic Breazeale

Credit: Lawrence Lustig

Despite how they tried to bill the fight as an exciting match-up between unbeaten heavyweight knockout artists, the one fighter who was expected to dominate did just that, as Anthony Joshua made quick work of Dominic Breazeale.

While Joshua closed the show with a knockout in round 7, matters had quickly turned to not if but when, as Breazeale continued to accept punishment and be worn down by a technically superior and more powerful fight. Here are Joshua’s quotes from after the fight, along with the Joshua vs. Breazeale video highlights.

Below are quotes from Joshua after Saturday’s win on SHOWTIME BOXING INTERNATIONAL:

Many thought that Dominic Breazeale wouldn’t be able to stand up to your power and speed, but were you grateful for the opportunity to work a little bit more of your boxing skills?
“Well, it’s hard because you can see they’re hurt with every shot – well not every shot – but when you start catching them flush, they can feel the shots with these ten ounce gloves on. So, it’s just a matter of time, but in the process I didn’t want to be receiving any haymakers on the way back.

“It’s been tough I had two weeks off after my last fight, and got straight back in the gym so it was tough. I get a nice little break for once and then I can come back with recharged batteries.”

We know Deontay Wilder was watching the fight. Have you got a message for him, the WBC Champion?

“Unbelievable inspirational person. He was patient, 30-odd fights [and] got his hands on the WBC [belt]. I’m following suit. I’m making my way into the U.S. with SHOWTIME backing me as well. So, he watched that.

“He can pick up whatever he wants to pick up from that, but it’s so different when you’re in the ring with each other. So one day we’ll get to experience what each other’s about.”

Who do you want to fight next?

“Well I think it’s gonna have to be the likes of [Joseph] Parker. I was really looking at Fury… I hope he gets better soon. He hurt his ankle unfortunately, which has postponed it because I was hoping to get that some time in the winter if everything went well July 9th like it did tonight, but we’re gonna have to reschedule that and in the meantime, we can look at other opponents like Parker, if he’s vacant, or anyone else that the people want.”

What do you think that you still need to work on?

“Rest. I need to rest. I’m tired, I’m working hard and as I said, now i can get