Robert Guerrero vs. Andre Berto results & round by round updates

Credit: Gene Blevins - Hoganphotos - GBP

Guerrero vs. Berto Results

On Saturday, November 24, the interim WBC welterweight strap is up for grabs as Robert Guerrero takes on Andre Berto at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California. is on hand live for the event from ringside to give you complete Berto vs. Guerrero results, round by round coverage, and updates from the entire evening of action, also featuring Keith Thurman vs. Carlos Quintana and with a variety of fights with local prospects being showcased.

Will The Ghost finally earn his dance against one of the big guns like Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao, or will Andre Berto reassert his status as a major player in the division after his failed drug test?

Berto vs. Guerrero Scorecard

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Robert Guerrero 10 10 10 10 9 9 10 10 10 10 10 10 118
Andre Berto 8 8 9 9 10 10 9 9 9 9 9 9 108

Guerrero vs. Berto Round by Round Results

Credit: Gene Blevins - Hoganphotos - GBP

Robert Guerrero successfully retained his interim WBC Welterweight Championship with a unanimous decision over former champ Andre Berto. Guerrero, now 31-1-1 (18) won by 3 scores of 116-110. Berto falls to 28-2 (22). It was an excellent action fight and a dominant performance by Guerrero, whose 2-fight run at welterweight has been really surprising.

Rd 1: The bout opens with a determined-looking Guerrero sticking out the jab, with Berto following suit.Nice straight left to the body by Guerrero. Looping left by Berto to the head. A few menacing swings by Berto. Combination by Guerrero, who looks to be targeting the midsection. Straight right by Berto, whose punches seem to have a bit more velocity. Then in a clinch, Guerrero lands a series of left hooks, which drop Berto! Berto seems OK and lasts to the bell. Weird sequence. He hurt Berto with a hook, then seemed to be holding and hitting. Decrepit ref Lou Moret called it a knockdown, so there ya go.

Rd 2: Guerrero all over Berto. Drops him with a big series of lefts. Berto’s right eye looks a mess! Guerrero is in close, ripping in little lefts. Berto teetering around the ring. Guerrero is mugging him. Berto’s right eye looks swollen shut and bleeding.

Rd 3: Guerrero is in really close, smothering Berto and doing damage. He is finding a home for that straight southpaw left and it’s landing with a lot of authority considering this is Guerrero’s second fight at 147. The Ghost is pounding the body and Berto looks spent. Then Berto lashes out with a few shots at the end of the round to serve notice that he’s still here.

Rd 4: Berto beginning to land a little better, but still appears lost when Guerrero lets loose. Still, it appears he is loosening up. But he can’t avoid Guerrero’s left, something that figures to not improve with his gargoyle right eye. Another big left by Guerrero. A few winging rights by Berto that do no discernible damage. Another Guerrero round.

Rd 5: Nice right uppercut in close by Berto. He gets under a few Guerrero lefts. Nice counter left by Berto. Guerrero comes back with a flurry. Boxers are now at mid-range, as opposed to the close-in trading of the first few rounds. Nice left to the body by Guerrero. Berto warned for a shot behind the head. Fighters get back in close for the last half of the round. Berto again warned for shot behind the head.

Rd 6: Guerrero opens up with some nice lefts to the head and body. Working over Berto to the body against the ropes. Guerrero is showing little respect for the power of Berto. Nice exchange midway through the round, with Berto finishing with a nice right. Few nice short shots inside for Berto. Guerrero working the left overtime. Huge right by Berto–his best shot of the night, but Guerrero closes well. Good fight.

Rd 7: Nice left by Berto. Guerrero still working the body, in close and at range. A series of combinations has Berto in a little peril against the ropes. Guerrero unloading now–to the head and body. Body shots taking their toll on Berto, who manages to lash back with some nice shots. Berto has been against the ropes the entire round. Furious trading. Berto fighting back. Good round of action.

Rd 8: Guerrero like a wind-up toy with the body-shots. Berto simply not doing enough. Berto is rather imprecise, due in part to his shut right eye. Guerrero slowing down in this round, but still landing more than Berto.

Rd 9: More trench warfare. Lou Moret has been pretty slow to separate the fighters. Most of the action is chest-to-chest, with Guerrero pinning Berto against the ropes. Berto simply looks terrible. He’s still in the fight, but is doing very little. Just as I say that, he snaps Guerrero’s head back with an uppercut. Guerrero works Berto over against the ropes. Berto’s left eye now looking on its way to closing also.

Rd 10: We’re still in close. Guerrero all over him like white on rice, smothering him the whole fight and the pressure, in addition to all the shots, have taken their toll on a now waning Berto. With each passing round, Berto’s grip on this fight weakens. He still lashes out with the occasional eye-popper, but is woefully behind and his cause is becoming to look like a lost one.

Rd 11: Berto’s eyes are reduced to slits now. Looks like he had an allergic reaction to some bad shellfish. Fight has slowed.Guerrero is keeping his head buried on Berto’s chest, with Berto doing very little now. Guerrero is still throwing to the body, scoring points, and forging closer to a win. Berto has spent the bulk of the evening with his back against the ropes. Berto tries moving his hands, but gets caught. He simply has no answers against Guerrero, who was actually a betting underdog in this fight.

Rd 12: The final round finds the battlers slugging it out on the ropes. Guerrero is strafing Berto with more shots, with Andre retaliating occasionally. Guerrero is really manhandling him, though. Guerrero continues with his up-and-down attack. Big rights by Berto! Guerrero seems a little hurt, then pins Berto on the ropes and starts working the body. Furious exchange at the end sees Guerrero almost drop Berto.

At the end of the day, it’s a major triumph for Guerrero, who should now be well-entrenched in the pound-for-pound discussion. He rather easily defeated a top fighter and did it in style. Whereas he lacks a certain flash, Guerrero has major surpluses in the categories of professionalism, game-plan, and will to win. You might not blown away by his hand speed or punching power, but he does something even more important than that: he wins.

He is now right in his prime. The future holds many opportunities. At the press conference, Guerrero repeatedly called out the name of Floyd Mayweather. Golden Boy will try to make the fight and what seemed like a pipe-dream not too long ago suddenly looks like a good fight. With wins over a very tough and underrated Selcuk Aydin and now Berto, Guerrero has earned his stripes at 147. Not bad for a guy who jumped two weight classes.

For Berto, it’s back to the drawing board. He was off for 14 months and after the first round, his right eye was shut. That’s a tough set of circumstances. He showed resolve making it to the final bell, but it’s hard not to come away disappointed at his performance. He really had no answers, as Guerrero illustrated once again that the skills pay the bills. Berto’s advantages in size and explosiveness were barely brought to the surface, as Guerrero’s superior craft and smarts earned him the win with room to spare.

Keith Thurman vs. Carlos Quintana

Junior Middleweight prospect/contender Keith Thurman scored an impressive and conclusive 4th round TKO over former Welterweight Champion Carlos Quintana to go to 19-0 (18 KOs). Quintana falls to 29-4 (23 KOs), with all four of his losses by stoppage.

Rd 1: As is often the case, the first opened slowly, with the battle lines being drawn–Thurman, 24, with the strength and Quintana, 36, with the veteran southpaw slipperiness. Each man landed a few nice shots. Late in the first, wicked Thurman left drove into the body of Quintana, who went down. Obviously in major distress, Quintana rose before the count of ten and rode out the remaining last few moments. 10-8 Thurman.

Rd 2: Quintana needed to get his wind back after the debilitating body shot in the first and did just that, sliding around the ring for the first part of round 2. Thurman found his body again–sounding like cannon shots at ringside. This kid can really bring the thunder downstairs. 10-9 Thurman.

Rd 3: More body shots from Thurman. When he gets in position to throw that left hook to the body, he really turns it loose. You get a whole new appreciation for it at ringside. Quintana still seems to be trying to get his legs under him after a rough start. 10-9 Thurman.

Rd. 4: Just when it looked like Thurman was slowing down a bit, he laid into Quintana with a vengeance. Wailing away with a powerful two-fisted attack, Thurman threw the kitchen sink at Quintana, prompting Jack Reiss to intervene at the 2:19 mark. Impressive win for “One Time” Thurman.

Undercard Coverage

The undercard, by in large, was a collection of showcases featuring up-and-comers in uncompetitive bouts.

In the opening bout of the card, L.A. prospect Manny Robles, Jr., 123.4, went to 3-0 (2 KOs) with a first-round TKO over game but outgunned Misael Martinez, 121.4. Robles, Jr. hurt Martinez, then poured it on until referee Jack Reiss called a halt at the 2:15 mark. Martinez is now winless at 0-7 after suffering his 4th straight knockout loss.

2012 U.S. Olympian Dominic Breazeale, 247.8, scored a 2nd-round TKO over the now 1-1 Mike Bissett, 213.4, Nashville. With all respect to the amateur credentials of Breazeale and keeping in mind that he is a recent football convert, he is exceptionally raw for a guy who managed to qualify for the Olympics. His head is straight up, as he was nailed by the unsophisticated attack of Bissett a handful of times during the fight. He will really need to develop before he can pegged as a good prospect. Bissett was down twice in the first and the second before referee David Denkin called a halt at 1:17. After the bout, the unfazed Bissett could be sen in the media room enjoying a helping of the catered food, which was quite good.

Unbeaten Golden Boy prospect Randy Caballero, 22, extended his record to 17-0 (8 KOs) with a TKO at the end of three rounds over Rigoberto Casillas in a junior featherweight bout scheduled for 8 rounds. Caballero, Coachella, CA, pelted the valiant Casillas with both hands for all three rounds. Casillas, a blown-up flyweight who has lost 5 of his last 6 fights, falls to 8-9-1 (6 KOs). Caballero looks like a prospect worth watching, though his power might be questioned after failing to floor Casillas despite emptying his entire arsenal.

Unbeaten junior middleweight Jermell Charlo, 153.8, cruised to a unanimous 10-round decision over Dashon Johnson in a dull fight to push his record to 19-0 (9 KOs). Charlo didn’t impress, but was in a difficult spot against Escondido’s swashbuckling Johnson. The now 13-9-3 Johnson, 153, stayed behind his guard, allowing Charlo, 153.8 to only chip away with straight shots. The boo-birds were out early, as the action grew increasingly tedious. Johnson is a tough guy to fight, but the highly-schooled Charlo evaded most of his roundhouse attacks. More may have been expected from Charlo, with him coming off knockout wins over Denis Douglin and Chris Chatman. Johnson, however, is a durable guy who is not that easy to look good against.

Thanks for checking out our live Guerrero vs. Berto results and round by round coverage of the entire event! Be sure to keep on checking back with us for more post-fight coverage and analysis.

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