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Sergey Kovalev & Andre Ward training camp interviews & updates

Credit: David Spagnolo / Main Events

With Sergey Kovalev vs. Andrew Ward rapidly approaching on Saturday, November 19 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on HBO Pay-Per-View, we have another check in with their training camps.

Sergey Krusher Kovalev Blog Part 2: Monday, October 31

Does headlining a PPV event change the way you approach a fight? How much more responsibilities you have? Does that affect your training?

Sure HBO pay-per-view is very important to me; this is big deal. This is my first pay-per-view fight. I think all fighters goal is to be pay-per-view fighter, but it takes hard work and not everybody can do this.

For this fight I did more interviews than before because we want to get more fans, but this is part of my job. I am still learning English, I try to learn more all the time. I am more used to this now, so it becomes little more easy speaking English for interviews. I know it’s important because I want fans to come to T-Mobile Arena and to buy pay per view to watch my fight against Andre Ward. Media is only difference this time because this is such big fight.

I do every training camp in same way. First I go to physical training in Big Bear, I run, ride bike, lift weights, I exercise, and stretch to get in shape. After physical training I go to boxing training camp. I spar and I work with my coach John David Jackson in boxing ring.

My sparring partners change, but most of the time my training is same. I work very hard; I must give 100% in each camp. This is my job; this is what I should do.

Andre Ward Blog Part 2: Monday, October 31

Sergey Kovalev could be the most difficult opponent of your career since probably the Super Six tournament. Is he just a power puncher or do you think he’s a legitimate P4P fighter?

Regardless of who I’m fighting—Barrera, Brand, Kovalev, whoever—there’s always different game plans and nuances when it comes to preparation and training. The reality of it is, every fight is a must-win for me. I prepare for each fight as if I’m facing the most difficult opponent of my career. That’s always been my approach, and I think you’re playing with fire if you don’t adopt that mentality in this sport.

I know this is a big fight, the biggest of my career. But my mindset and my focus have been consistent no matter the opponent, and that’s an invaluable asset. We have to look at Kovalev for who he is—a talented fighter that I respect. He’s my next challenge, and nothing reinforces my determination like a challenge.