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Fists of Gold II results & photos from Macau: Gradovich-Munoz, Estrada-Melindo, Hanks-Ruiz, Shiming

Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

Fight fans in the U.S. may be waiting to watch the Fists of Gold II card until its aired on HBO2 later in the afternoon or evening. However, due to the time difference, the battles began raging early in the morning hours on the east coast.

Right here, you’ll find the full Fists of Gold II results, highlighting what has taken place between Andy Ruiz vs. Joe Hanks, Evgeny Gradovich vs. Maurico Munoz, and Juan Francisco Estrada vs. Milan Melindo, before the main event showcasing Zou Shiming in his second professional outing. Take a look.

Fists of Gold II Photos

Andy Ruiz Stops Joe Hanks

Andy Ruiz dominated Joe Hanks, handing the previously undefeated American heavyweight his first defeat, and scoring a 4th round TKO victory for what is by far his biggest win and best performance to date. Ruiz came out strong from the start, and hurt Hanks on several occasions through the first few rounds. Hanks had a few good moments, but it was Ruiz who was in control. Ruiz was also putting in great body work.

In the 4th Round, Ruiz sent Hanks down with a big left. Hanks got up only to be sent down for a second time, leading to the Ruiz victory.

Evgeny Gradovich Defeats Mauricio Munoz

As you may have expected from this bout, Gradovich put on a fast pace and never let off the gas. His work rate, aggression and and will ended up being enough to get him this fight, as he took home a decision against Mauricio Munoz and defended his Featherweight title strap for the first time.

Official scores for Gradovich were 119-109, 119-109 and 120-108.

He was the superior fighter in there, and he never let Munoz assert himself. Munoz did, to his credit, continue battling and trying to push forward, he just didn’t have enough in the arsenal to deal with the assault of Gradovich.

Juan Francisco Estrada Defeats Milan Melindo

Juan Francisco Estrada defended his unified Flyweight belts, which he had previously won via upset against Brian Viloria, by defeating Milan Melindo. It was the first loss of Melindo’s career, and adds to Estrada’s recent run of great success. Many projected this fight to have great action, but Estrada controlled the fight via keeping his distance, using his jab, and managing the pace of the action.

By the middle rounds, Melindo had a cut under his eye and was taking more punishment. He rallied at times, but Estrada was able to fight him off. Estrada sent him down to the canvas in the 11th Round, but he was able to make it to the final bell after being hurt once again in the 12th.

Official scores for Estrada were 118-109, 117-109 and 118-109 for a Unanimous Decision victory.

Zou Shiming Scores Second Pro Win

Zou Shiming scored the second pro win of his career in an entertaining fight against Jesus Ortega. Ortega put up a spirited effort, and at time was dealing some damage of his own. However, Shiming was just too skillful, and all of that talent and confidence shone through. He played it up with the crowd a bit, and tried to finish Ortega off and go for the KO on several occasiosn, but wasn’t able to do that.

Official scorecards read 59-55, 59-55, and 59-55, for Zou Shiming.