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Team Amanda Serrano: If Rounda Rousey thinks she can win a boxing title, we’ll fight her

Credit: Team Serrano

Amanda Serrano (24-1-1, 18 KO’s) from Puerto Rico, and her trainer and manager, Jordan Maldonado, consider the comments made by Edmond Tarverdyan, trainer of the UFC World Champion, Ronda Rousey, very disrespectful for the boxing community.

“I know she can do it,” Tarverdyan told MMA Fighting, “I know she can win the boxing world title. Ronda spars with boxing world champions that punch way harder than Cyborg,” Tarverdyan also added that, “Ronda has never lost a round in the gym. A round. With boxing world champions.”

Serrano said:

“Definitely Rousey’s trainer does not have any knowledge about the sport of boxing. She is a very good fighter in the Octagon, and I really congratulate her for everything she has done. Her opponents cannot box and It’s easy to look great but when facing a high quality boxer with punching power as myself, believe me, things are gonna change. In a boxing ring, the canvas will be your comfort zone.

“As a boxing point of view, she looked like a rookie amateur fighter, throwing very wide punches with no ordination. I heard that Cyborg is not willing to come down to the lightweight division to fight Ronda, but I can go up to 135, and we can settle a boxing match so I can prove her trainer wrong.

“I once went up to the lightweight division, and traveled to Argentina for a world title fight. At the end, the results was that I became the first ever Puerto Rican female boxer to captured a world title in two weight classes.”

Serrano’s manager and trainer, Jordan Maldonado pointed out that “we do not challenge other fighting styles. We represent boxing and we want to get some respect. We are available for any sparring they may want or a boxing match, so we can show Edmond Tarverdyan how wrong he is about boxing”.

On August 15, 2014, Serrano traveled to Argentina to face WBO Lightweight World Champion Maria ‘Tily’ Maderna, who at that time, had three successful title defenses, but could not handle the aggressiveness of the Puerto Rican power puncher, who ended the fight in the sixth round by way of knockout. With this victory, Serrano became the first Puerto Rican female boxer to win world titles in two divisions (130-135).

Serrano’s first title reign came in September 2011 when she knocked out Kimberly Connor in the first round to become the IBF World Champion at the super featherweight division.