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Thabiso Mchunu vs. Garrett Wilson fight breakdown for this weekend’s fight

Credit: Rich Graessle/Main Events

Thabiso “The Rock” Mchunu (16-1, 11 KOs) is a top counter-punching cruiserweight and, on Sept. 20 at Foxwoods Resort Casino, he is facing an opponent in Garrett “The Ultimate Warrior” Wilson (13-7-1, 7 KOs) with a fierce, aggressive offense. Watch out for fireworks when aggression and defense collide in the ring live on NBC Fight Night. Below is the scouting report for Mchunu vs. Wilson:


Thabiso “The Rock” Mchunu

Garrett “The Ultimate Warrior” Wilson





16-1 (11 KOs)

13-7-1 (7 KOs)

StrengthMchunu is a great defensive fighter with good counter-punching abilities and hand speed. He is also mentally ready for anyone after two major wins coming against former heavyweight title contender “Fast” Eddie Chambers, and the WBC #6 cruiserweight contender Olanrewaju Durodola.Wilson possesses good punching power in both hands; he recorded knockouts in his previous three wins. His unorthodox style can throw his opponents off his game. He also shows great confidence in the ring and believes that he belongs in there with the best of them.
WeaknessMchunu tends to become a little too comfortable defensively as the fights progress into the later rounds, when his punch output declines. He may be forced to be more offensive due to Wilson’s aggressive style.Wilson lacks an effective jab and also allows himself to get hit more often than he should. He throws a lot of wide and looping punches that could backfire in this fight due to the elusiveness and counter-punching abilities of Mchunu.
ExperienceAlthough Mchunu had a long amateur career competing in over 200 amateur bouts, he has not faced the tough opposition that Wilson has faced thus far.Wilson has been in the ring with many top contenders including the IBF #2 heavyweight contender Vyacheslav Glazkov, and former cruiserweight title contender Alexander Alekseev. Wilson came up short in both bouts, but did manage to take both of those fighters the full distance.
PowerMchunu has solid power that becomes more noticeable as he lets combinations go. However, he has not recorded a knockout since 2012.Wilson has gotten stronger as he continues to develop as a fighter, five of his previous six wins have all come by way of knockout.


SpeedMchunu has tremendous hand speed and is very elusive in the ring making it difficult for opponents to hit him. His speed is what separates him from the rest of the division.Wilson has average speed so Mchunu has the edge here.


EnduranceMchunu has gone ten rounds in his last two fights and went the distance in a 12-rounder back in 2010.Wilson is always in tremendous shape and has gone ten rounds or more in five of his last six fights. Both of these men should have no problem going the distance if needed.
AccuracyMchunu has very good accuracy, which he displays during his counter attacks.Wilson’s accuracy is average, his offensive game relies more on body work if he can work his way inside with a combination of some devastating overhand rights and looping left hooks.
DefenseMchunu is a defensive-minded fighter, which is what really allows him to generate his offensive game. It will be interesting to see his defensive game plan when he is the taller fighter in the contest for once.Wilson is more of an offensive-minded fighter, he plans on wearing opponents down and making them fight his fight, which is to stand toe-to-toe and trade shots.


ChinIn his only professional defeat, Mchunu was stopped so his chin is still a question.Wilson has a solid chin; in his seven career losses, he has only been stopped once which was on his feet.
StyleMchunu is a defensive-minded counter puncher with exceptional offensive skills.Wilson is an aggressive, in-your-face type of fighter who is going to do everything he can to land that big shot.
The Match-Up
  1. Will Mchunu be able to break out as a star with a crowd-pleasing performance?
  2. Will Wilson capitalize against a guy who is rated #2 in the world?
  3. Will Mchunu be able to take Wilson’s aggressive offensive style?
  4. Will Wilson be able to make the fight his fight or will it revert to Mchunu’s fight?

According to Main Events’ CEO Kathy Duva, “As a defensive-minded counter puncher, Mchunu needs opponents who will push the action. Garrett Wilson will do just that on September 20th. This fight will be great in the ring and answer any questions fans might have about Thabiso Mchunu. He has a real opportunity here to make an impression on a big audience. After Wilson’s fight with Glazkov last November, we know that he’ll bring everything he has for the fans.”