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The 2015 Boxing Promoter Evaluation: Frank Warren & Queensberry Promotions

Credit: Frank Warren

In part two of our 2015 Boxing Promoter Evaluation we take a look at Frank Warren. Warren has been promoting for decades within the UK, working with some of the top UK boxing’s top names. How will he fare compared to major rival, Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom? Read on and find out.

Star Names

Warren has seen some of his biggest attractions pilfered by Matchroom throughout recent years. He still has a few star turns up his sleeve, however, including singing heavyweight Tyson Fury and Chris Eubank Jr., son of the famed Chris Sr.

Truthfully though, while fighters like Billy Joe Saunders, Liam Smith, Derry Mathews and Paul Butler draw decent local followings, Warren lacks punch when it comes to headline fighters.

Grade: 2

Stable Depth

While they may not yet be particularly well known internationally, the likes of Fury, Saunders and Mathews are all challenging for alphabet titles, or in the frame to do so in future. Very soon, Warren’s stable could look a lot more wholesome.

Throw in several fighters showing promise, such as Liam Williams, Jack Catterall, Terry Flanagan and Mitchell Smith, and his stable is hardly empty at present.

Grade: 2

Fights Made

Warren may not be able to compete with Matchroom so well these days, but he has a history of bringing through talented fighters and putting on big fights.

He guided Naseem Hamed to his first title shot against Steve Robinson. He did the same with Ricky Hatton. He also worked with Joe Calzaghe for most of his career; the Welshman is widely viewed as one of the greatest super middleweights of all time.

While Warren might not be breaking records right now, he has a history of staging good fights and producing opportunities for his fighters.

Grade: 4

Prospect Building

One thing Warren certainly bests Matchroom at is bringing through talent. While Matchroom could currently be seen as a promotional finishing school, Warren is often the one who gives fighters their first break.

It mustn’t be forgotten that it was he who secured Amir Khan his first ‘title’ shot, helping him through his shock loss to Breidis Prescott with sound matchmaking and an appropriate amount of risk.

One criticism is that Warren can sometimes delay a prospect’s maturation by not securing opportunities quick enough. This is something that past fighters, including Hatton, have complained about.

Grade: 3

Fighter protection and In-house fights

As mentioned before, Warren sometimes doesn’t get the right fights at the right time for his fighters. This can be seen as one of the key reasons for boxers vacating his stable in recent years.

He is a good guide for a fighter, however. When he sees a fighters potential, he nurtures them and, eventually, gets them chances within modern boxing’s alphabet soup.

Grade: -1

Total Score: 10