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The Buzz Mayweather-Ortiz Videos: Expert Predictions & Fan Views

Credit: Hoganphotos / Golden Boy

The Buzz from HBO is back, and here you’ll find two special Mayweather-Ortiz videos to take a look at. The videos are a collection of expert predictions for the bout, and also a special collection of fan interviews on the street. So you’ll get both perspectives on the fight and you can really start to get excited about the event, now about a month away, on September 17th. Enjoy the Mayweather vs. Ortiz videos below.

Expert Predictions

In the above video, you’ll see some well known boxing insiders making expert predictions on Mayweather-Ortiz and giving their thoughts about the fight and the two guys involved. See what writers, media members, fighters and more have to say about the fight.

Fan Views – Man on the Street

In this fun video, you’ll see regular guys and fight fans on the street being interviewed about Mayweather-Ortiz. You’ve seen what the experts and people in the media think, so what about the average fight fan who gets stopped and asked his opinion? Take a look and see.

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