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Tomasz Adamek-Eric Molina press conference quotes from Poland

Credit: Integrated Sports

The final press conference for this Saturday’s “The Final Call” pay-per-view event, starting at 2:00 p.m. ET was held today. The card is headlined by Tomasz Adamek vs. Eric Molina, with four fights scheduled to air live from Tauron Arena in Krakow, Poland. Two other fights may be shown time permitting.

TOMASZ “Goral” ADAMEK: “I’ve had a great camp, great sparring partners and a great team around me. Kuba (Chycki – Adamek’s physical coach), trainer Roger Bloodworth – these guys did a great job in the last two months. As Eric said, ‘We are not about talking what we will do, we are ready to actually do it.’ Molina likes to mix it up, likes to throw punches, and is not afraid. This has to be a great fight just because of that. There’s no what’s after the Molina fight for me. This is the fight which will decide my future. A win means I’m on track for big fights, losing means I cannot do it anymore. What I know is that for this fight I’m much better prepared than I was for both the Glazkov and Szpilka bouts. But, of course, what happens in ring will verify our words.”

ERIC “Drummer Boy” MOLINA: “For the first time in my career I got 70 days to prepare; unprecedented in the heavyweight division. What do I know about Adamek? He’s a warrior and people in Poland expect great things from him because he’s a Polish boxing legend. In me, he will have a chance to fight one of the best heavyweights in the division and we all will know where we stand. I’m very confident, not only that I will win this war on Saturday, but also of being the first Mexican-American heavyweight in the future. People will get their money worth on Saturday. I can guarantee that. Adamek is highly rated by WBC and IBF, the two most active organizations in boxing. Saturday’s winner will be in the driver’s seat for great fights in the future.”

MICHAL CIESLAK: “I also thought that you’re bigger. And I also hope that everything what you’re saying about how good your training camp was is the truth. I can promise you that I will be ready for everything. I’m in the best shape of my life and I will prove that on Saturday. Palacios, be ready to fight! I cannot wait anymore to put on a big show.”

FRANCISCO “The Wizard” PALACIOS: “He wants to treat me like a stepping stone but the problem with that is I’m not a stepping stone for anyone. I’m a rock! You want to beat me, you have to kill me. And by the way, I thought that CieĊ›lak is bigger. You cannot judge what I can or cannot do just because I’ve got knocked out by Kudryashov in my last fight. It means nothing. First of all, it happens in boxing and the more importantly, it has nothing to do with what I’m ready to do now with my new team and “Chill” Wilson on my side. Just watch: The Wizard Time is coming again.”

Main Event — Vacant IBF Inter-Continental Heavyweight Championship (12)
TOMASZ “Goral” ADAMEK (50-4, 30 KOs), Former 2-Division World Champion, Jersey City, NJ, USA
ERIC “Drummer Boy” MOLINA (24-3, 18 KOs), World Title Challenger, Raymondville, Texas, USA

Co-Feature — Cruiserweights (10)
MICHAL CIESLAK (11-0, 7 KOs), Radom, Poland
FRANCISCO “The Wizard” PALACIOS (23-3, 14 KOs), 2-Time World Title Challenger, Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Heavyweights (10)
ANDRZEJ WAWRZYK (31-1, 17 KOs), World Title Challenger, Krakow, Poland
MARCIN REKOWSKI (17-2, 14 KOs), Former Poland Heavyweight Champion, Kaliska Koscierskie, Poland

Cruiserweights (10)
MATEUSZ “Master” MASTERNAK (36-4, 26 KOs), Former European Champion, Wroclaw, Poland
ERIC “Danger” FIELDS (24-3, 16 KOs), Ardmore, Oklahoma, USA

Welterweights (10)
RAFAEL “Braveheart” JACKIEWICZ (48-14-2, 22 KOs), World Title Challenger, Minsk Mazowiecki, Poland
MICHAL SYROWATKA (13-1, 4 KOs), Elk, Poland

Female European Boxing Union Lightweight Championship (8)
EWA BRODNICKA (10-0. 2 KOs), Champion, Warsaw, Poland
ANITA TORTI (9-5, 3 KOs), Challenger, Milan, Italy