Home News Tony Jeter feels spurned about proposed Dusty Hernandez-Harrison fight

Tony Jeter feels spurned about proposed Dusty Hernandez-Harrison fight

Credit: All In Entertainment

Tony Jeter is upset about recent events surrounding a proposed fight with undefeated junior middleweight Dusty Harrison.

The fight was to take place on May 13 in Washington, DC which is where Harrison is billed from and not far from Jeter’s Columbia, Maryland residence. It’s safe to say the fight would have been a big local attraction.

“I received a contract and signed it immediately. That was on March 10th,” Said Jeter.

“As everyone knows, I am a promoter and had already announced, and then had to cancel my show that was to be on May 14 in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Then ten days later, I get the call that they were going in a different direction and the fight was off.”

Jeter does not lay blame on Harrison himself, but people in his inner-circle that may have put the kibosh on the fight.

“I believe it is the people around him who did not want this fight. His promotional team signed off on the fight, but it is those people who get in his ear on a daily basis are scared that Dusty could lose to me and their gravy train will end I guess,” continued Jeter.

Jeter knows the fight would be a tough fight, but it is a winnable fight and just as important, would be a terrific night for D.C. area boxing fans.

“This fight would be a great event for the D.C/Maryland area. It is a shame because they want to fight smaller guys. Blown up lightweight’s and junior welterweights. He has been fighting in the 150’s. I am 40 years-old and he is a 21 year-old undefeated kid who is talented. He has all the advantages. From what I was told, a member of his team hired an attorney and contacted his promotional company to stop this fight. I do not know what they are scared of. When will they cut the umbilical chord and let this kid fight someone.”