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Uprising Promotions receives honor from Ring 8

Credit: Uprising Promotions

Uprising Promotions was honored by RING 8 on Sunday at its annual awards dinner, being named the 2016 RING 8 Rising Promoter of the Year. Uprising Promotions President Ronson Frank and Vice President Rory Frank were on hand for the ceremony, which took place at Russo’s On the Bay in Howard Beach, N.Y.

“We are extremely proud and honored to receive this award from an organization in RING 8 that does so many great things for retired fighters and the boxing community as a whole,” said Ronson Frank. “For them to recognize our hard work in this manner is something that we find very humbling, and we are very grateful for the recognition. This serves as motivation for us to stay focused so we continue to evolve as a promotion.”

In addition to Uprising Promotions, RING 8 also acknowledged fighters and other individuals who had a prominent influence within the sport of boxing over the past year at the awards dinner.

Formed in 1954 by ex-prizefighter, Jack Grebelsky, RING 8 became the eighth subsidiary of what was then known as the National Veterans Boxing Association, which is where the name RING 8 originated. To the day, it still operates under the motto of Boxers Helping Boxers.

RING 8 is fully committed to supporting less fortunate people in the boxing community who may require assistance in terms of paying rent, medical expenses or another justifiable need. For more information on RING 8 and to find out how you can get involved, visit RING8ny.com today.