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Vasyl Lomachenko & Orlando Salido workout quotes, photos

Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

Fight Week in San Antonio for the eagerly- anticipated boxing doubleheader featuring the historic challenge by Vasyl Lomachenko, in only his second professional fight, of Orlando Salido, continued its hot path in earnest today as both participated in their public workouts. Right here, you can check out the quotes & photos from Salido & Lomachenko, with each man eager to make a statement in their showdown this weekend.

Orlando Salido Quotes

“I have being an underdog all my professional career and this fight is no different. I come to fight and do the best I can and I don’t pick my opponents and never have.

I know why Lomachenko is getting this opportunity. He was one of the best amateur boxers and has two gold medals. I came up the hard way and I worked hard for everything I have.”

When asked if Lomachenko was ready for an experienced fighter like him:

“I guess we will find out on Saturday night. He does have skills. He has fast hands, moves well in the ring, but we will see in the ring if he can take my pressure and constant work rate that I will dish out to him.”

Vasyl Lomachenko Quotes

“I am not nervous at all. I am the one who chose this path to a world title fight.

“All of this was my decision. Salido has fought the best of the best. He will be a hard fighter to defeat.

“I like fighters like him with the tough Mexican style. It makes it so much more challenging. Salido is a great champion because he is calm, never talks trash, is cold-blooded and has beaten the best.

“This is a real fight, a battle.”