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Vic Darchinyan to MMA? Video

Vic Darchinyan is set to square off against Anselmo Moreno this weekend for a piece of the bantamweight title. It would be yet another major accomplishment in a boxing career filled with them, but Darchinyan already has his sights set on other things as well. Namely, there’s a potential move to the world of mixed martial arts in the works. At the press conference for the Darchinyan-Moreno bout, Vic and his promoter Gary Shaw, who has himself dabbled in MMA with the likes of the defunct EliteXC, indicated that Darchinyan could seen be an MMA fighter. Watch the video here.

Darchinyan states that he would like to compete in MMA, but that he wouldn’t be done with boxing, and would like to try to compete in both. It seems like strange timing for this move, as Darchinyan has revitalized his position in the boxing world, and would be in a great place for many more big fights with a win on Saturday night.

However, he must be drawn into mixed martial arts with the thinking that with his power and those tiny gloves, he would be able to do some real damage. He’ll be in for a rude awakening when he steps into the cage and find out how much more it takes besides that in order to compete at a decent level in the sport. But we’ll see what happens, if it happens, or if it’s just talk from the Darchinyan camp to stir up some interest.