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Victor Ortiz & Andre Berto Interview Videos

The Victor Ortiz vs. Andre Berto II match is coming up, now just a few weeks away. While the sporting world might be focused on the upcoming Giants vs. Patriots rematch in Super Bowl XLVI, this rematch right here might provide even more fireworks, excitement and unpredictability, if the first fight was any judge. Right here, you can find separate video interviews from Showtime for both Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto. Have a watch and see what both men have to say as their upcoming fight comes up around the corner.

Victor Ortiz Interview Video

Andre Berto Interview Video

Berto of course talks about getting a second shot at Ortiz, the man who handed him his first and only professional loss. He also talks about having a whole new focus for this fight, and about letting Ortiz off the hook in the first match. For Ortiz, he still has plenty to prove, and he wants to show that the first fight wasn’t a fluke, and that he’s more than a punch line from the Mayweather debacle.

Enjoy the videos of Berto and Ortiz and their interviews from Showtime, and stay tuned for more updates and news before the fight.