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Video: Adrien Broner I am a Fighter feature

Credit: Esther Lin / Showtime

In this video feature from Showtime, you’ll get to know more about Adrien Broner. In the I Am a Fighter series, you see what makes each fighter different, what they’re fighting for, and how they got involved or why they continue with the sport.

This is actually a pretty intriguing segment at Broner. For once, he seems genuine, and he’s not putting on an act.
He talks about being in crazy situations, being held at gunpoint, being in jail when he was 18, and missing out on his chance for the Olympics, missing out on the birth of his first child.

He says the first day he was out, he went straight to the gym and sparred. And from there, it’s been a rapid ascent for Broner, of course, and he’s a household name for boxing fans now.

He also talks about how boxing saved his life, and how unlike many big-name fighters like Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather, he had a much more difficult rise in the sport. He wasn’t on TV until he had nearly 20 fights.

So what does A.B. stand for? For starters…

  • All Boxing.
  • Ass Beatings
  • A lot of Benjamins.
  • About Billions.


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