Video: Awesome Pacquiao vs. Rios Under the Lights Preview

The single best pre-fight video for Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios has arrived in the former of Pacquiao-Rios: Under the Lights from HBO. In these videos, you always get a great breakdown and analysis of very specific points and characteristics of each fighter, and what they’ll be trying to do in the fight.

Then you see video highlights from previous bouts, as they put those very same strategies and techniques into action. It’s all done with some really fantastic video editing and style, and it makes for a great watch.

As I always say, the Under the Lights video fight previews from HBO are amazing, and if you’re only going to watch one video on the fight before Saturday night, this should be it.

First, we see bios of the fighters, then the first point is “speed and punishment”, noting that Pacquiao has blistering hand speed and throws vicious combinations.

On the other side, Rios walks through punches to set up his own. THe question is, can he walk through Pacquiao’s?

Point 2 is “closing the distance”. Rios throws punch after punch at close range, Pacquiao uses footwork to open up diverse angles of attack. Can Rios control the spacing?

Point 3 is “loaded arsenals”. Pacquiao’s left hand is a devastating weapon. Rios is comfortable with his right, and his left.

And finally, the most important question of them all — Pacquiao’s last outing ending dramatically, so is he still the same fighter? And does Rios have another war in him after having had so many already?

According to the latest betting numbers, fans are certainly siding with Pacquiao and that he’ll be at his best, or close enough, to defeat Rios. You can also get in on the fun and enjoy live betting odds on the biggest events today to support your fighter and how you think the fight will play out.

All fight fans are waiting to see what happens Under the Lights on Saturday night in Macau, China, with Pacquiao vs. Rios. Enjoy this great video from HBO, and keep on checking back for more updates from!

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