Video: Awesome slow-motion shot of Matthysse knocking Garcia’s mouthpiece out

Danny Garcia scored the best win of his career last weekend, as he defeated the favored Lucas Matthysse to retain his titles and once and for all earn the respect of the boxing world. Right here, you can watch a special, very cool video clip showing Matthysse having one of his best moments in the fight. Check out the slow motion video of Matthysse knocking Garcia’s mouthpiece out and sending it flying away from the ring.

So besides how cool the video is overall as you watch the punch connect and then see Garcia’s head get twisted to the side and his mouthpiece go flying, two things stand out:

First, Matthysse, with his right eye already closed shut, was still coming on and fighting hard, and still working very hard to win the fight. He kept trying all the way to the final bell in this one and displayed a ton of heart.

Second, Garcia has a hell of a chin! He takes what has to be one of Matthysse’s absolute best right hands, with his body against the ropes, and he doesn’t get knocked out, and he doesn’t go down. He would just keep on going instead, and would of course go on to take the fight.

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