Home News Video: Bryant Jennings-Luis Ortiz fight preview; plus fighter quotes & camp updates

Video: Bryant Jennings-Luis Ortiz fight preview; plus fighter quotes & camp updates

As Bryant “By-By” Jennings(19-1, 10 KOs) prepares for this upcoming December 19th showdown with Luis Ortiz (23-0, 20 KOs), we have HBO Boxing’s official Jennings vs. Ortiz video preview and promo Clip.

Then, we have quotes from their conference call:

BRYANT “BY-BY” JENNINGS, Former Heavyweight World Title Contender:

“This is Ortiz’s first real fight as a professional. You will see no other person in boxing that comes close to my stature.

“The training has been different but not difficult. You are building a machine. Once the person puts the wheels and gears on, they are done. Then you polish it and put it up for display. That’s where I am at in my career now. We are going to show you that this training addition has worked.

“He has a long amateur career, I have a long professional career. Your deep experience as an amateur doesn’t mean you will have a successful professional career. This guy (Ortiz) hasn’t seen a real fighter like me yet. He has steroid use. Why would he need to do that? He has to make himself believe that he knows what to do; he has to prove it on December 19. But I am going to shut him down that day, that’s my plan.

“We are going to bring a good fight. We are going to put on a show and either one of us, win, lose or draw, will show the fans what we can do. We are going to shift the focus on the heavyweight division to us.

“He’s confident but a little too confident. He doesn’t understand what he is up against. He has never faced an opponent like me. He has to humble himself because it is going to be an embarrassment. What I do is, I make sure I am well trained and prepared to knock him out, 100 percent. The fans will love my 100 percent. I am standing my ground. I will have him crying in the ring. It is going to be real difficult for him to get over this. I’m going to fight and give my all.”

LUIS “THE REAL KING KONG” ORTIZ, WBA Interim Heavyweight World Champion:

“Thank you to the Golden Boy Promotions team, HBO and everyone who has supported me and given me a chance to prove myself and what I deserve.

“The people will know who is coming for the number one spot. I didn’t come here from Cuba to sit here and do nothing. I am coming for the belt; I am coming to become the heavyweight world champion.

“Every fight is important but this is the most important fight of my career so far. I am prepared to stop Jennings. I am a boxer-puncher and will knock him out.

“Of course I have what it takes to beat competitors like Fury and Wilder. With training and determination, I believe that I will be unstoppable.

“I’m ready and able to do what I have to do. I want to bring the belts back to the United States and become the unified heavyweight world champion.

“Me and Klitschko are nothing alike; I hit much harder than him.”

Plus promoter Gary Shaw feels confident his fighter will be victorious after sitting in on a 16-round sparring session. Shaw, who spent the day with Jennings and Coach John David Jackson at their training camp in Miami, witnessed an intense sparring session, where Bryant sparred with four different opponents.

“To see Bryant Jennings spar sixteen-rounds with four different guys was an amazing feat to watch,” said Gary Shaw. “I’ve been around this sport for many years and I’m telling you, Jennings is one of the best athletes I’ve ever promoted. The fact that he was able to handle all the fresh sparring partners that were rotating in was unbelievable. John David Jackson is a great coach and both he and Jennings are working extremely well together. Everyone will see a much more improved fighter when Jennings steps in the ring on December 19th.”

Shaw was also impressed with strength and conditioning coach Edward Jackson, who’s worked with Jennings for all his big fights.

“Edward Jackson is one of the best strength and conditioning coaches in boxing and I’m very pleased with his work.” Gary Shaw continued. “His track record speaks for itself with all the great champions he’s currently working with. Amazingly Jennings could have gone a few more rounds if he wanted to and I credit Edward Jackson for getting him in tip top shape.”