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Video: David Haye greatest hits & highlights

Credit: The Sun

Watch the Greatest Hits & Career Highlights of David Haye:

David Haye shared a video of his own greatest hits, career highlights, and best and most exciting moments in the ring. Settle in and watch the clip, which lasts for over 15 minutes, right here.

For many fans, it’s been easy to forget that at one time, Haye was quite an exciting and dynamic fighter. His work and reputation at cruiserweight were, after all, what earned him so much credibility and attention as soon as he declared his desire to move up to heavyweight and go after the Klitschko brothers.

His work at heavyweight isn’t without any merit. He defeated the mammoth Nikolai Valuev, and also John Ruiz. His fight against Wladimir Klitschko was truly an embarrassment, especially after years of hype, waiting and trash-talking, but he came back with a showcase victory and KO over domestic rival Dereck Chisora.

But at cruiserweight, he went on a stretch where he defeated Giacobbe Fragomeni, Jean Marc Mormeck, Enzo Maccarinelli in a four-fight stretch to become the undisputed champion of that division, and cement his legacy at that weight.

Enjoy the video of David Haye’s hits, highlights and Hayemakers!