Video: David Haye intense training camp & sparring footage

David “Hayemaker” Haye has been in the midst of the most intense training camp of his life as he preps for his huge showdown against Tyson Fury. Right here, this special video brings you behind the scenes of his training camp, so you can see what he’s been doing, how he looks right now and more. There’s even some great video footage of Haye sparring with Deontay Wilder, Mariusz Wach and Richard Towers.

The video comes with a disclaimer “the speed of this footage has not been manipulated.” In other words, David Haye wants to make sure that you know that he is indeed that much of a badass.

Haye definitely looks to be in pristine condition, but that’s never been a question. We’ll see if he can put that all to the use against Fury on fight night. He definitely looks good though in these brief clips as he darts in and out against his much larger sparring partners, and tags them with clean shots.

Last week, Haye and his sparring partners sent out a humorous message from training camp, calling out Fury. This one though was all business! Enjoy the footage from Haye’s training camp and keep on checking back for more Haye vs. Fury updates up until fight night in a few weeks.

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