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Video: David Lemieux destroys Fernando Guerrero, scores KO3

Credit: Stephanie Trapp / Showtime

Montreal middleweight masher David Lemieux absolutely destroyed opponent Fernando Guerrero on Saturday night in front of his hometown fans, scoring a brutal 3rd round knockout win to put himself right in the mix in the division.

Right here, you can watch the video of Lemieux’s vicious KO of Guerrero. Take a look.

Most fans were expecting fast-paced action a quick ending to this fight, because both guys have power, and both guys have vulnerable chins. But the scales tilted in Lemieux’s direction from the start, and he had Guerrero hurt early.

Soon, Guerrero was cut and bleeding, and had been sent to the canvas. He would take a knee to avoid punishment, and ask the doctor to inspect his eye and clean it up for him — both of which were moves which could either be interpreted as buying time, or looking for a way out.

Lemieux wouldn’t give anymore chance for an easy out, though. With Guerrero reeling again, Lemieux smashed him with a quick uppercut which sent Guerrero instantly flying backwards, and left him a crumpled, bloody mess in the corner.

It was a brutal shot, and a great victory for Lemieux. If he was smart, it would also signal the end of Guerrero’s career.

Enjoy watching the video of the Lemieux knockout victory of Guerrero from tonight’s Showtime Boxing.