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Video: Floyd Mayweather Post-Fight Presser Interview

Credit: Will Hart - HBO

In the post-fight press conference following the Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz fight, Money Mayweather had plenty to say. In fact, he spoke for at length for about half an hour about the fight and everything that happened, and touched on some other very interesting subjects. Watch the full video of his post-fight press conference interview right here.

Mayweather showed up to the presser immaculately dressed and sporting some shades, and talked for quite some time. He talked about the knockout and the way the fight ended, the Victor Ortiz head butt heard around the world, the crazy argument with HBO commentator Larry Merchant, Joe Cortez and much more. He also spent a lot of time talking about Manny Pacquiao, and shared some feelings about Pacman, his team, his fans, and on down the line, including of course where he believes the two of them really stand in the boxing pound for pound and all-time hierarchy.

It’s a very interesting watch, and it’s great that the full 30 minute video is available. So if you have some time, grab a seat and watch the Mayweather press conference post-fight interview right here.