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Video: Floyd Mayweather & Robert Guerrero square off


Floyd Mayweather and Robert Guerrero got together for the first time earlier this week as they held a Showtime video shoot for a promo for their upcoming bout. Mayweather and Guerrero were forced to square off against one another, and some trash-talking ensued. Take a look at the video here, which will also be seen on the Showtime All Access series.

In the Mayweather vs. Guerrero Showtime video here, you’ll see that Mayweather apologizes for sleeping in and being late, but promises to bring his arsenal of entertainment. He says he can’t promise not to be late again. Clearly relishes being the star attraction, no surprise there, of course.

The two men stare down and are talking trash back and forth, but it’s mostly Mayweather just running his mouth about how he’s the best, Guerrero hasn’t done anything, etc. Just more of the Mayweather routine.

Guerrero says let’s do it toe to toe, Mayweather says however you want it, Guerrero looks back at the camera as if to say, it’s on video now, we have witnesses, you said you’d fight me toe to toe.