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Video: Gennady Golovkin highlights & greatest hits

Credit: Ed Mulholland / K2 Promotions

Gennady “GGG” Golovkin adds to his career highlight reel every time he steps into the ring. He’s stopping everybody he faces, and brutalizing even the toughest opponents who have dared to step into the ring with him. Right here, you can check out a Gennady Golovkin highlight video from HBO Boxing, to see some of his very best moments in the ring. Take a look.

Guys like Matthew Macklin and Daniel Geale were each supposed to be very stern tests for Golovkin. Didn’t quite work out that way, as he steamrolled right past both of them. Mixed in is a number of lesser opponents, from the Gabriel Rosado’s to the Curtis Stevens’ of the world, and they certainly didn’t hold up very well either. Watching a collection of Golovkin highlights on video is like watching a tutorial on effective boxing offense. It’s a masters class in devastating punching, and it’s great to watch.

Next on the GGG hit list? Martin Murray, coming up in just a few short weeks. Of course, he doesn’t think he’ll end up on the wrong end of another one of these highlights but he clearly wouldn’t be the first.