Home News Video: Harold Lederman analyzes Miguel Cotto-Daniel Geale

Video: Harold Lederman analyzes Miguel Cotto-Daniel Geale

Credit: Will Hart - HBO

You know Harold Lederman loves a big New York fight night headlined by Miguel Cotto. Here, Lederman is back with the latest in his Hey Harold Series, and he’s analyzing this weekend’s HBO Boxing telecast featuring Cotto taking on Daniel Geale.

Lederman waxes poetic about Cotto becoming the middleweight champion, and how he’s done something which no other Puerto Rican boxer has ever done. Yet, he acknowledges that Cotto is far from a big middleweight.

On the other side is Geale, a career middleweight. So he has the size and strength advantage, but he’s forced to come down to a catchweight of 157 lbs. How he deals with that weight and if he’s still able to effectively apply and muster that strength will have a major role in the fight.

Lederman calls Geale a high output fighter. So with Cotto being aggressive, and Geale looking to make an impression, Lederman is anticipating an exciting fight. Stay tuned for more on Cotto vs. Geale here during fight week, with the match taking place on Saturday at the Barclays Center.