Video highlights: Shawn Porter destroys Paulie Malignaggi

Watch: Porter Knocks Out Malignaggi

Shawn Porter brutalized Paulie Malignaggi over three plus rounds on Saturday night in Washington, D.C. Mailgnaggi couldn’t cope with the sheer power, speed and explosive athleticism of the undefeated Showtime Shawn Porter.

Right here, you can watch the Porter vs. Malignaggi video highlights to see how it went down, and look at the big punches which earned Porter the knockout win.

This was a huge statement win for Porter. He tore right through Malignaggi, when many predicted that the slick veteran would win the fight thanks to his experience and ring IQ. Porter did the opposite, and established himself as a force to be reckoned with and a potential star.

Malignaggi now is considering retirement, and after a beating like that and what he has been able to accomplish, you certainly wouldn’t blame him. He needs to keep his wits about him for his second career as a great announcer for Showtime, anyway.

After this huge win and great performance, you have to mention Porter’s name along with any of the big names in or around the welterweight division.

Enjoy watching the Porter vs. Malignaggi video highlights as Porter knocked out Malignaggi, and really brutalized him along the way.

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