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Video interviews with Amir Khan & Lamont Peterson

In this special video feature from HBO Boxing, you’ll get to see some interview footage with Amir Khan and Lamont Peterson. The Peterson vs. Khan rematch is coming up in a few weeks, and each man has plenty to say about the first fight, the upcoming bout, and much more. Take a look at the “Khan vs. Peterson II Conversation Spot” video interviews from HBO.

Each man opens up and speaks in depth on the first fight, the decision, the post-fight controversy and what it all meant to them. They’re both pretty honest and forthright about they’re feelings and everything, so it’s an intriguing and insightful video. Peterson is still looking for more respect, especially from Khan’s camp, and Khan is ready to retake what he believes is still rightfully his. It should be an entertaining and exciting rematch, and it falls nicely on the calendar between the mega-fights that we get to see between Mayweather and Cotto, and Pacquiao and Bradley.

Enjoy the Conversation Spot video with Khan and Peterson as the two men prepare to square off for the second time.