Home News Video: Kovalev vs. Chilemba analysis from Harold Lederman

Video: Kovalev vs. Chilemba analysis from Harold Lederman

Credit: David Spagnolo / Main Events

In the latest segment of his ongoing Hey Harold series, HBO Boxing’s unofficial judge, Harold Lederman, shares his thoughts and offers some insight on the upcoming Sergey Kovalev vs. Isaac Chilemba clash.

HBO will show the Kovalev vs. Chilemba clash on a Monday night, July 11th. The fight won’t be live, it’ll be tape delayed from earlier in the day in Russia.

As for the bout, Lederman calls Kovalev an absolute huge hitter. It’s his 3rd fight in Russia, and he says he won’t let down his hometown fans.

For Chilemba, he says that his only chance is to effectively move. But, considering he’s not a big banger, Lederman doesn’t give him much of a chance. Even if he’s moving well, he doesn’t have the power to keep Kovalev at bay, in other words.

So Lederman expects Kovalev to win this bout, and score a big knockout on his home turf.

Continue checking back over the next week until fight night for more Kovalev vs. Chilemba news and coverage.