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Video preview: Floyd Mayweather documentary film 30 Days in May

A very intriguing documentary is set to premier on Showtime, entitled 30 Days in May. It’s a documentary about Floyd Mayweather, and it takes a look specifically at what transpired last year — as he got sentenced to jail time and had to put his life on hold and all the rest. It looks as if there’s a lot of interesting, fresh material in here which should provide some extra insight into the mind and life of Floyd Mayweather. Watch the Mayweather documentary film video preview right here.

Here’s the official Showtime description:

The documentary film 30 DAYS IN MAY reveals a never-before-seen side of boxing’s biggest global star, Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Set in the days leading up to, and following, his incarceration in 2012, the exclusive documentary was produced by Turn Left Productions. 30 DAYS IN MAY premieres Wednesday, April 3 at 10p ET/PT on SHOWTIME.

Floyd Mayweather also has this to say in the backdrop as you see some footage from the documentary…

“I feel like I play hard, and I work hard.”

“I’m the most powerful person in the sport of boxing.”

“People are always judging people without really knowing a person.”

“Things happen, you live life, you learn.”

As mentioned, looks like there’s lots of great stuff in here, it should be a fun one to watch.