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Video preview: Wilfredo Vazquez Jr vs. Rafael Marquez


In a fight which has slipped under the radar for many fans, on August 4th, super bantamweights Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. and Rafael Marquez go toe-to-toe in what should be a very exciting and action-oriented bout, as both of these guys of course know how to slug it out. Vazquez Jr. vs. Marquez headlines a Top Rank Pay-Per-View, with also pits Roman Martinez against Miguel Beltran Jr. Take a look at a video preview for the fight right here.

Vazquez Jr vs. Marquez is being held in Puerto Rico, and the card is billed as another showdown between Puerto Rico and Mexico. Between that, and the guaranteed fireworks between these two guys, there’s going to be plenty to watch and enjoy, so you may want to check it out for yourself.

The winner will throw himself right back into the mix at 122 lbs, while the loser is going to have a steep climb ahead of him. Marquez, of course, is getting up there in years and tread on his body, especially for a little guy. While a loss for Vazquez Jr. would mean three of his last four fights ended in defeat.

Enjoy the video preview and promo for the fight right here and keep on coming back for more boxing news!