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Video previews: Tony Thompson vs. David Price rematch

Once at the top of the list of heavyweight prospects and rising contenders, David Price know finds himself in somewhat of a dire position. Tony Thompson shocked him and stopped him in just one round in their first bout, and now their rematch is upcoming. Price needs to win and look good against Thompson in order to restore his status in the sport, and even then, he’ll have some rebuilding to do.

Right here, you’ll find several video previews for the Thompson vs. Price rematch, including commentary from the likes of Al Bernstein, as well as Lennox Lewis, and Price himself, talking about coming back from the stoppage, preparing for the rematch and looking ahead.

Most people are still picking Price to win his rematch against Thompson, looking at the first fight as a fluke. But he has to go out there and get the job done, and surely Thompson is feeling good ahead of the rematch as well. We’ll see how the fight plays out soon and see whether Thompson keeps himself as a contender and ruins Price rise, or Price moves past this obstacle in his still young career.