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Video: Watch Lucas Matthysse’s top knockouts

Credit: Esther Lin / Showtime

Lucas Matthysse is known as the machine for one reason – his brutal knockout victories. That’s also why he’s known as one of the most feared fighters, hardest hitters, and fan favorites, in the game right now.

Right here, you can check out a special Matthysse video highlight reel featuring some of his best and most brutal KO wins. Take a look to see the Machine in action. We see some quick footage of him taking care of business against Lamont Peterson, John Molina, Mike Dallas and others. If this guy connects with you flush, it’s light out. And he’s going to come straight at you and won’t let up until he gets the job done.

Of course, Matthysse returns to the ring this weekend against Roberto Ortiz, and he’ll be looking to add another memorable knockout win to his highlight reel collection. Next, could it be Adrien Broner who’s at risk of feeling his wrath?