Videos: Exclusive Timothy Bradley training session series from The NOC

The folks at The NOC on YouTube have put together an exclusive behind the scenes training series with Timothy Bradley. It’s an in-depth 8-part series which combines training footage and extensive interviews with Bradley, as well as trainer James Rougely. They tag along with the Welterweight champ to capture one of his grueling track workouts and routines. Take a look here.

Bradley is well known for his work ethic and his intense training, and you’ll see some proof of that here. If and when Bradley officially loses a fight, it won’t be because he wasn’t at his physical peak, that’s for sure.

Above, you can see both the trailer and part 1 which are available now. The trailer is a brief intro and a quick look at Bradley’s training, and then the first part is a lengthier video on some of the stretching and medicine ball work he does. The rest of the series will air on their YouTube channel over the next week and a half, a new part each weekday.

Enjoy these special videos with Tim Bradley, it definitely makes you appreciate what an elite fighter and athlete like Bradley does to compete at the highest level.

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